2012 recap

- Celebrated New Years with our awesome neighbors in CHV.
- Robert & Bailey visited, and I neglected to take any pictures of the four of us.
- Hit up UMI Sushi with the Snyders.
- I helped with my last homecoming at PCA.
- I turned 27 and celebrated with teenagers.

- Wrote some poetry.
- Officially kicked off our community group!
- Enjoyed mid-winter break.

- Took my small group girls to Excelsior Farms for their senior sneak.
- Went to Costa Rica with my seniors.

- Patti & I enjoyed the fruits of our labor as we watched our kiddos perform Beauty & the Beast.
- Saw a picture of a our son for the first time (& subsequently went nursery crazy).
- Went to my last PCA prom, sans spray-tan.

- Chopped my hair.
- Went with our youth group seniors on their senior sneak to Gatlinburg.
- Doug & I went to the Ethiopian restaurant in Plymouth for the first time.
- Officially accepted our referral for a 7-month old baby boy.
- Watched my seniors graduate.

- Celebrated the wedding of our friends Al & Aimee.
- Got our court date & booked our trip to Ethiopia.
- Became mildly obsessed with homemade iced coffee.
- Met Bonsa Douglas Parton.

- Received word that Bonsa was officially our son on the 4th of July.
- Celebrated 5 years of marriage.
- Had a wonderful weekend in western NY.
- My friends in Michigan threw me my first baby shower.
- Did the Color Run with Maria & Troy!
- We took a trip to the Adirondacks with the Gerhardts.

- Touched up our guest room.
- Got yelled at while out on a jog.
- NY fam and friends threw me a baby shower!
- Conquered Ann Arbor with Haley.
- Finished putting together Bo's room.

- Picked up our son forever.
- Bonsa turned one.
- My mom and Ethan came to meet Bo, and we had an Ethiopian-themed birthday party.
- We spent time just enjoying being a family of three.

- I started working as an "E-Rate Consultant"
- Bonsa went to the farm for the first time!
- We celebrated with the Snyders when their adoption was finalized!
- Bo's first Halloween

- Went on my first client visits.
- We continued going for lots of family walks.
- Celebrated Thanksgiving in NY.
- Got our Christmas tree.

- Helped host a baby shower for Patti and Caleb.
- Bonsa got baptized.
- Doug turned 30 & I threw a surprise party for him.
- We hosted Parton Christmas (pictures possibly to come in a future post...)
- We went back to NY to celebrate New Years with my family.

- - -

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MY 5 Favorite Posts [excluding ones above that I love]
1. b
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3. [cheating] costa rica pt 1, 2, 3
4. our little wild thing
5. family photos

Happy New Year!

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