home stretch.

At this time in one week I will be getting hitched!

Continuing to pray for beautiful, perfect weather...

The pond is looking amazing.

Everything is coming together so well.

Doug will be here this evening!

I'm so in love...


single digits

The countdown is down to 9 days!

Yesterday was a day of wedding planning bliss: Jayne tried on her bridesmaid dress, which looks SO cute, I had my final dress fitting!!!, I saw both my matrons of honor - Lynz met us at David's to help learn how to bustle me & in the evening I went over to Victoria's where she practiced my wedding makeup, I got to bring the dress home, I bought my wedding jewelry, I got part of Doug's wedding gift, & got some more wedding gifts in the mail. Very exciting day.

Today is finally much cooler than the past couple days. Hopefully the cooler temperature will inspire me to get a lot of cleaning done today! I also checked the 10-day weather, which obviously now includes July 7, and the forecast for that day is "partly cloudy & 80 degrees." I can totally handle that, as long as the rain & thunderstorms for earlier in the week are completely finished!!! PRAY for beautiful weather!!!

Well, the day is young, so I must get to work!

beautiful matrons of honor



13 days...
until I become a wife.
until I leave the home I've known for good.
until my identity becomes intertwined with that of another.
until I marry my best friend.
until the greatest adventure of my life.

While I am building this great anticipation for the new things I will experience - all this untraveled territory, I am still practicing what my dad calls "momentary living." That is to say, not craving the past, nor reaching for the future, but rather, enjoying each moment God gives me. Being nestled between my dad & Emily at church, the hum of the fan and the sound the keys make when I type, the taste of mint ice cream, my mom's laugh, the holes in my jeans, seeing Doug's number come up when the phone rings.

I like the little moments... these are the days.