happy halloween.

SWEET. heavens. to. betsy.

This is cream cheese caramel dip with Heath bar. 
In other words, this is insanely delectable and you need to drop everything you're doing, run to the kitchen and make this IMMEDIATELY.

Victoria & I made it this weekend, and I am slightly obsessed. 
[there is an embarrassing chance that i may have eaten 2 apples when i got home from school just so i could dip them in this divine delight.]

Beat 2 8oz pkgs cream cheese, room temp til smooth and creamy. Blend in 1 16.5oz tub Marzetti's carmel dip. Stir in 2 crushed up Heath bars. Eat your heart out.

So. Good.

I am planning the master of all culinary experiments for this bad boy tomorrow night... stay tuned...

Oh, P.S. - Zooey says she's Tom Selleck for Halloween. I told her it's not as believable without the chest hair protruding from a Hawaiian shirt...



Victoria & Jeremy & Colden visited this weekend!
So blessed to have family members who are such incredible friends.

[1] Zooey's always a little skeptical of tiny visitors, but she warms up quickly.
[2] On a morning walk around Cherry Hill Village. [geez, model much?!]
[3] The boys watched Colden so V & I could run to IKEA for a bit. I bought some new pillow covers, finally. This room has needed some color for quite some time... still in the works, a year later...
[4] While the boys & Zooey hit up some local trails, V, Colden & I enjoyed lunch (Mom's mac n' cheese!). I whipped up some honey mustard dip for pretzels, and Colden tried some... and ended up loving it! We were dying laughing - he was essentially using the pretzels as spoons for the mustard, which he kept calling "soup". 
[5-8] On our way to Three Cedars Farm, Colden fell asleep and we drove by a pretty field... so we did an impromptu photo shoot! Jer was our obliging photographer , while...
[9] Doug stayed in the car with the sleepy babe.
[10] At Three Cedars - Colden modeling a pumpkin.
[11] "Hi, 'carecrow"
[12-13] C enjoying a plain donut; though, not as much as he'd enjoy Mommy or Daddy's sugar donuts...
[14] Family!
[15] The Gerhardt men. 
[16] Mama & her boy.
[17] Priceless expression!!
[18] Uncle Dougie & Colden check out the chickens.
[19] Little boys love their tractors!
[20] Jarritos to go along with our enchiladas - yum.
[21] Cider n' Donut party: Three Cedar cider & donuts, pumpkin spice cheesecake, pigs in blankets, and cream cheese caramel dip with apples. The insane gluttony...

Such a fun weekend with people we love so much! 


when i look at the works of Your hands...

For everything created by God is good... -I Timothy 4:4


i'm annoyed; quick, someone affirm me.

Just logged into Yahoo, and saw this article about how to "avoid embarrassing your child on Facebook."

Some of their suggestions? "Don't pry. Don't get too personal. Don't assume your child can chat with you just because he's logged in. Never, ever reply to comments for your kids."



I'm trying to give "Tecca" (the author of the article) the benefit of the doubt, and hope that she's talking about children who are grown up, out of the house, with their own families.

Parents. As a teacher who interacts with teenagers daily (and, incidentally, as someone who has parents) - please, PLEASE pry into your children's lives! It's your responsibility to know what goes on in your children's lives!

I know, I'm so old-fashioned, and I'm totally repressing the freedom of teenagers across America. But having been a teenager, and being around teenagers all day everyday... they could use some more repression. Facebook stalk away, parents.



... I posted a new onesie (already sold, sorry!).

... I picked up my friends from the airport, returning home from Paris.

... I had some of the best chocolate I have ever had in my life (thanks, Ellie!).

... I mailed our application to CHI! Hooray!

... I cried in excitement, realizing that every day we are a day closer to our baby.

... I cried in pain, thinking what our baby's birth mama is going to sacrifice.

... I prayed for our baby's birth mama.

... I prayed for our baby.

... I prayed for us as parents.

... I snapped this picture of these amazing trees in our back alley.
    Little glimpses of God's beauty.

**Edit: Finished editing these senior pics.


"fall fabulous!"

This is what I've been saying all day. "Fall fabulous!" I'm not really sure why, except for the fact that I'm so excited we finally went to get pumpkins and fall decor.
I made some nice, hot, minestrone soup.
And here's a sneak preview of a fall onesie I'm making! LOVE this fabric!
Yay for fall!


recently i'm... (20)

Sewing: completed my newest project for SBP - check it out here!

Reading: Orphanology by Rick Merida - so, so good. (Foreword by one of my favorites...)

Laughing at: So, our class pumpkin was Cinderella's carriage -
and we took first place! But then our pumpkin started rotting... so, for some reason, our class had purchased another pumpkin? Just in case they didn't like the first one? So, we replaced the rotting carriage with a regular old orange pumpkin... and a sign that said, "The clock struck midnight!"

Excited about: our walkathon was a huge success! People heard the Gospel, more people are becoming orphan advocates, 210 pairs of shoes were purchased, and we raised over $30,000 to donate to the boys in Kenya & children in Ethiopia! Some pictures from the event...

Listening to: this cover of Adele... I can't watch them sing it because they're so affected, but their voices are lovely.

Overwhelmed by: a former student sent us a check for our adoption - the tithe from her graduation party.

Working on: our application for CHI. Hopefully will be in the mail tomorrow or Thursday!



Just a quick note to say:

We're accepted into YWAM's Ethiopia Adoption Program!

Next step: Apply to Children's House International (CHI - the agency that is licensed in Ethiopia to complete all the legal work)!


how to make my day/really weird me out

Journal Question: If you could have dinner with any famous person (living or dead), who would it be, and why?

Response: "I would have dinner with Mrs. Parton. I would have dinner with Mrs. Parton because she's gorgeous. I'll see ya there!"

Thank you. / Yikes.


10 on 10.10

GUYS! I remembered to do 10 on 10. Um, but right now I'm at school and I don't have the cord to my camera, so you're going to have to wait to see all my glorious pictures. Ah, suspense...

**Edit** Okay, the much-anticipated photos. I present you with my fake instagram photos, because I'm not cool enough for an iPhone. Yet.


[1] Unlike the rest of the country, PCA doesn't celebrate the subjugation of entire races of people. In other words, we had school today. I left the house early and got myself a little treat to start my Monday.
[2] Finally finished grading my freshman kiddos' Great Expectations projects.
[3] Whee! A co-worker surprised me with a treat!
[4] My prep hour - browsing through my crockpot cookbook from Aunt Jan, looking for a soup to make for "October birthday treats" luncheon tomorrow...
[5] Sneak preview of our class pumpkin that's due tomorrow! So excited...
[6] Okay, here's a funny story. I'm the worst sister ever, and haven't sent Emily any packages yet (I know - seriously?! What's wrong with me?!) So, last night I made cookies and went to the post office today... and forgot that postal workers are white supremacists (just kidding, anyone who doesn't know my sense of humor...) and therefore lovers of Christopher Columbus and therefore NOT OPEN. So now the cookies will definitely be stale. Sorry, Em.
[7] Convenient roadwork right outside our garage...
[8] Someone was really excited to see me get home.
[9] School clothes. FALL FASHION! Shirt: Calvin Klein, thrifted (and I found out today why - some of the buttons don't like to stay buttoned... yikes. Good thing I had an undershirt on, or class today might have been really interesting.) Pants: Express, like 3 years ago. Shoes: Aeropostale like 4 years ago - for TWO DOLLARS. Boom, baby.
[10] Leaves outside our house. Pretty. I love fall. 

Hooray! My first successful 10-on-10! (Even though I maybe cheated and did 10 pictures in 9 hours. Shh.)

I joined in on the fun here - you should too!
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