real life conversations, pt. 16

The sad news is that Doug & I ended up not going to NY this weekend. We would have gotten in at 3am and we would have had to leave early on Sunday morning, so we decided to come out another weekend.

The good news is that prom was a ton of fun, and the kids looked amazing. The theme was "Dinner at Tiffany's" - and it was beautiful! (All pictures stolen from Marisa!)
Our officers:
 Best. Co-sponsor. Ever.

And then Doug & I went out for dessert afterward, during which the following conversation occurred.

Me: "We are living simultaneously young, wild AND free."
...about 5 minutes later...
Me: "Okay, let's get the bill. I'm tired."
Doug: "So young and wild and free, huh?"


  1. Love the blue dress. You look stunning, as always!

    1. haha - thanks, it's andrea's!! :)

  2. your shoes - shut up! love them. sorry i haven't been blog commenting at all. i've just been a blog slacker all around :(

    um and i miss you. jayne took us around the farm yesterday, colden kept calling her jenna. i'll try to blog our pics.