iced coffee.

I don't like plain coffee.
However, sweet, espresso-y drinks? Yes, please.
And in the summer, take those and make them frappucinos or iced coffees? 
Not so delicious? The Starbucks/Biggby price tags.
Last summer I went through a phase where I tried to create my own iced coffee.
It was disappointing.

And then my sweet friend Patti 
(incidentally, someone hasn't updated her blog in HALF A YEAR)
introduced me to her homemade iced coffee recipe.

Needless to say... I am obsessed.
Since Patti has apparently abandoned the blogosphere, I decided this recipe needs to be shared.
I don't know where she found the recipe, so we'll just call it P's Iced Coffee.

Warning: there is nothing, NOTHING healthy about this concoction.

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
Flavored creamer, if desired

1. Brew yourself a nice, strong pot of coffee.
2. While brewing, mix condensed & evaporated milk together.
3. Add 4 Tbsp of the milk mixture to your cup.
(we believe that the double-walled travel cup with straw is the best route)
4. Store the rest of your milk mixture in the fridge for future use.
5. Add desired amount of flavored creamer, if desired. 
(I use a tsp or 2 of caramel macchiato flavor.)
6. Fill cup with ice.
7. Pour coffee over ice.
8. Stir & sip to your heart's content!

Thank you, Patti... and you're welcome, world.


  1. okay, so i totally tried this and LOVED it! i can't drink much coffee right now (boooooo!), but you'd better believe this will be a daily special around here once kendall turns one :) thanks for sharing!