momentary miracles

Subtitle: How I Was Reduced To Tears By Peas

This past week has been a trial for me. 
I sprained my ankle [maybe a story for another time] and was on crutches for a few days,
and now I'm in the process of weaning myself off of them.
Which is painful. And difficult with a very active and tantrum-prone toddler.

Said toddler has also been finicky with food for a few months.
He will love certain foods and then spurn them the next day.
One night he couldn't get enough cooked carrots.
The next time we had them, I offered him one, which naturally sent him into a screaming fit.
Fruit in its natural form? Heck no.
Raw veggies? Get away.
We were in the garden the other day, and I offered him some peas
and he promptly flailed on the ground yelling and crying.

This morning Bo woke up at 6:15am. 
Almost two hours earlier than normal.
Which means we're in for a cranky morning.
Which means I get discouraged by how impatient I am.

Sure enough, mid-morning and it's muggy and raining and Bo is sweating and angry.
After unsuccessful attempts to read, play with his basketball, play with Legos, etc, etc...
I scooped him up and plopped him in front of the fan in his room.
We sat quietly, my heart racing, jaw clenched, beseeching the Lord for peace.
After a few moments, Bo got up and toddled away toward the screened porch.
I watched his little legs and bare back and thought about a year ago.
Days away from boarding a plane to meet this unknown baby boy.

I grabbed my camera and followed him to the porch. 
Grandma had left some pea pods out there, and Bo wandered over to them.
He picked one up, and I showed him how to open it.
 I popped a pea into my mouth as Bo watched.
And without any prompting, I watched as he followed suit.
 And then he crawled up on my lap.
Sticky hands. The ever-present drool. Bits of pea stuck here & there.
Momentary miracles in the middle of the ordinary and even frustrating.
Tiny pictures of God's grace and reminders that I am blessed beyond measure.


father's day weekend shenanigans

I'm borrowing the title of this post from my friend, Dana.

Hang on to your seats - so, so many pictures on the way.

1:: saturday, june 15: in an unprecedented move, 
my family rented rowboats and boated down marsh creek! the results were hilarious.
2:: sunday, june 16. family trip to swallow hollow.
3:: for those who don't know, swallow hollow is an iroquois national wildlife refuge.
4:: aka, protected swamp land.
5:: dad & his girls.
6:: doug & his boy.
7:: fam.
8:: smothering.
9:: cheeser.
10:: handsome.
11:: hams.
12:: the trails.
13:: stopping, some for photos, some to appease wailing for water.
14:: more trail pictures
15:: wouldn't be a family outing without a meltdown
16:: all's well.
17:: content on daddy's shoulders
18:: that is a lot of duckweed
19:: the parton pack.
20:: i love this picture
21:: 1, 2, 3, swing!
22:: curly.
23:: hugs (possibly the result of another meltdown... )
24:: turtle egg shells - these were all over the place!
25:: my pops.
26:: looking up. photo by emily!
27:: he'll be comin' 'round the corner... photo by emily!
28:: loves his grandpa.
29:: loves his aunties.
30:: wouldn't be a family outing without ice cream
31:: please note bo holding hands with gram & gramps.
32:: if this doesn't melt your heart, you may want to visit a cardiologist.
33:: i love this so much. he is so a part of this family.
34:: takes his ice cream very seriously.
35:: in case you were wondering what bo's fake laugh face looks like. this is it.
36:: why sit at a wet picnic table?
37:: their shoes.
38:: every night should end in a bonfire.
39:: i die.
40:: perfect end to the perfect weekend.