sunrise, sunset

This past weekend, Doug & I attended our first Jewish wedding.
AND - Doug was IN the wedding! Mazel tov!
An elderly woman was sitting by me in the ceremony, 
and we chatted a little as we were waiting for things to start. 
I told her my husband was one of the groomsmen, and at that point, Doug walked past.
I said, "That one's mine!"
And she goes, "Ooh, he is handsome."
Yep. Even when he gives me awkward smirks.
The ceremony was beautiful & the reception was a blast!
... Aside from the time I got hit on by one of the uncles.
I only knew 1 other couple besides the bride & groom, and since Doug was in the wedding, 
I found myself wandering awkwardly into the reception hall alone.
Our name card indicated that I would be sitting at the head table with Doug, 
so I grabbed my phone to shoot him a quick text and make sure that was accurate.
Suddenly, I was approached by a.. 40?something? year old guy who told me,
"There's no texting allowed in here."
I was like "... really?" 
He laughed and said, "No, I'm kidding! Are you here by yourself?"
I replied, "Um, no - my husband is one of the groomsmen."
And he goes, "Aw maaan!" 
At which blessed, blessed point, Doug walked into the room and quickly came over.
The food - awesome.
Good news! You get to see some of our dance moves that occurred in the photo booth.
We tore it up on the dance floor, I got serenaded by one of the singers, 
and Doug got to sing "Forget you!" into the mic amidst our crazy dance moves.

All in all, such an awesome evening!

 And of course, Zooey wanted to partake in the Kiddush.


  1. oh gosh, how awkward with that older guy!! so glad Doug came in at just the right moment, and that you guys had fun in the end :)

    1. aha, i know! good ole doug - swooping in for the rescue.

  2. I love dancing at weddings! And love the fiddler on the roof reference!

    1. ha! thanks - i'm so glad you got that!
      they sang it at the wedding!

  3. LOL.
    First, the pic of Doug...priceless.
    Next, you little dummie, are you tan??
    Third, how is it that we are this far into warm weather and you haven't posted about your love of hot dogs yet and having them for dinner every other night. I always love that about you.
    Lastly, the house around the corner from me is for sale.

    1. yooouuuuu foooool.
      i'm on the verge of being tan. :)
      listen. i have tried to have hot dogs for dinner multiple evenings and doug is SHUTTING ME DOWN. but now we are on budget lockdown, so it's pretty much a sure thing. ;)


  4. I just imagined you saying 'COME TO ME, SWEET NEIGHBOR' and it made me smile!

    There is a beauitful house and lot for sale on Alps Road too! ;)

    1. haha - keep your eyes peeled! :)

    2. Alps Road is closer to Point Breeze!

  5. that is so amazing that doug was in a jewish wedding - he can cross that off his bucket list now! ;)
    that meal looks so delish, and impressive, especially for wedding food, which a lot of times, is not so good.
    loving your photo booth shots & zooey of course.
    and i guess i should mention that there is a gigantic {pink} house with two barns, a greenhouse, and 12 acres for sale up the road from me. :) you know you loved the BB school district. ;)

    1. a giant pink house?! say no more. i'm there.