sweet 16

Today my baby sister turns 16.
She's currently at the State Fair, so we celebrated on Tuesday night.
It's the first family party we hosted at our new house!
We got Chinese food & ate out on our back porch.
I made a peach cake... and didn't have any candles.
So we lit a twig.
The cake was really good. (The batter was also divine, just saying...)
Happy birthday, Jay Beth.
We love you!


the great indoors

What up, John Mayer reference.
Many friends have asked for pictures of the inside of our house...
And I realized looking through these pictures that for some reason I didn't take any upstairs.
Took a picture in the attic, naturally... but skipped the floor in between for some reason.
I give you: the downstairs & attic.

View from front door:
 Living room: 
 We're told this used to be part of the living room before a dividing wall was added.
Right now it is my home office.
 Office/entertainment... nook... hall... place.
 Dining room
 Kitchen (with a peek of downstairs bath & laundry room)
And, as promised, attic:

So I guess I'll just keep everyone in suspense about the second floor until a future post.
(Really, this isn't a literary tactic. I'm just forgetful.)

Spoiler alert: We are going to be doing some light painting in the kitchen.
At some point. Hopefully within the next month.

We have substantially decreased the amount of boxes still laying around,
and the guest bed has sheets on it.
SO - come on over, friends & family.


new digs

I have a good excuse for my absence. 
We moved into our new house last Tuesday & just got Internet today.
We've been busy unpacking boxes and making it ours.
Bo decided to share with Mom...
Wet morning exploring the backyard...
(house is center, garage is on your right)
Safe to say he likes it here.
There is a lot A LOT of greenery that we will be tackling.
Colden ponders what we should do with this ... garden.
A firepit, of course! Ah, much better.

So. That's what we've been up to over the last week.
A huge, HUGE thank you to all the family who has helped us move!
More photos to come as we continue settling in!