one week, and a rather alarming stream of consciousness.

In one week I will be holding my son.

You guys, I really feel like I'm doing the internet a disservice by withholding pictures. 
The eyes. The lashes. The cheeks. The crazy hair.
I'm obsessed.

But ya'll will just have to wait. 
But seriously... he's probably the cutest thing you'll ever see. EVER. Just saying.

We leave for Chicago TOMORROW.
Where we'll be staying with the incredible VanWinks.
And then we fly out SATURDAY.
(That's in TWO DAYS, people.)

I'm  having a difficult time focusing on ... well, anything. 
It's kinda pathetic - like, I'll be in the middle of packing and just start giggling in excitement.
All by myself. No, it's cool.

For example, yesterday I packed a little blanket that we're going to take.
And I had to just laugh because aren't baby blankets so cute and can you even imagine him in this?

His room is all primed, waiting to be painted. 
His changing table is set up.
I have the fabric for curtains, waiting to be made.
And I got a cute little ottoman! I don't have a rocker, but we have an ottoman.

Some people have asked if we'll be doing updates while we're in Ethiopia.
Our guest house should have internet, but I'm not sure how much updating we'll do.
Maybe an FB status or two. Probably no blogging.
We get into Ethiopia late Sunday night (after over 24 hours of traveling... yay).
Then Monday-Wednesday, we'll be hanging out in Addis, getting to know the city! 
Thursday we meet B.
(heart palpitations)
Friday we have court.
Saturday we'll just hang out again.
Sunday we fly back home, and we arrive back in Chicago Monday afternoon.

Okay, I have to go do more packing and keep myself busy.



rafiki melele

Came across this while I was cleaning out a closet a couple weeks ago.
I wrote it after our first trip to Africa, and it seems pretty appropriate for this stage in our life as well...
- - -

I never knew I could love like this
I've never wanted anything so madly
Africa has seized my heart -
But it seems she's always had me.

I read their letters every night
Til the pages are worn thin.
I weep til slumber overtakes me
And dreams of Africa begin.

Oh take me back to Africa -
To the dearest boys I know.
My heart has left already
And waits for my body to go.

Til I again cross that great divide -
The ocean in our way,
I beseech the Lord to watch my boys -
Protect and bless them every day.



iced coffee.

I don't like plain coffee.
However, sweet, espresso-y drinks? Yes, please.
And in the summer, take those and make them frappucinos or iced coffees? 
Not so delicious? The Starbucks/Biggby price tags.
Last summer I went through a phase where I tried to create my own iced coffee.
It was disappointing.

And then my sweet friend Patti 
(incidentally, someone hasn't updated her blog in HALF A YEAR)
introduced me to her homemade iced coffee recipe.

Needless to say... I am obsessed.
Since Patti has apparently abandoned the blogosphere, I decided this recipe needs to be shared.
I don't know where she found the recipe, so we'll just call it P's Iced Coffee.

Warning: there is nothing, NOTHING healthy about this concoction.

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
Flavored creamer, if desired

1. Brew yourself a nice, strong pot of coffee.
2. While brewing, mix condensed & evaporated milk together.
3. Add 4 Tbsp of the milk mixture to your cup.
(we believe that the double-walled travel cup with straw is the best route)
4. Store the rest of your milk mixture in the fridge for future use.
5. Add desired amount of flavored creamer, if desired. 
(I use a tsp or 2 of caramel macchiato flavor.)
6. Fill cup with ice.
7. Pour coffee over ice.
8. Stir & sip to your heart's content!

Thank you, Patti... and you're welcome, world.


a little project

Um, this is the first thing I've sewn in... well... since Christmas.
 And I'm so embarrassed to say that this was for an order I received in December!
Thanks for your patience, Stephanie!
Glad I've dusted off the old sewing machine, though, 
because I should be receiving the material for B's curtains any day now!



We booked our flight to Ethiopia! Unbelievable.

It's officially summer.
(That's for you, V!)


sunrise, sunset

This past weekend, Doug & I attended our first Jewish wedding.
AND - Doug was IN the wedding! Mazel tov!
An elderly woman was sitting by me in the ceremony, 
and we chatted a little as we were waiting for things to start. 
I told her my husband was one of the groomsmen, and at that point, Doug walked past.
I said, "That one's mine!"
And she goes, "Ooh, he is handsome."
Yep. Even when he gives me awkward smirks.
The ceremony was beautiful & the reception was a blast!
... Aside from the time I got hit on by one of the uncles.
I only knew 1 other couple besides the bride & groom, and since Doug was in the wedding, 
I found myself wandering awkwardly into the reception hall alone.
Our name card indicated that I would be sitting at the head table with Doug, 
so I grabbed my phone to shoot him a quick text and make sure that was accurate.
Suddenly, I was approached by a.. 40?something? year old guy who told me,
"There's no texting allowed in here."
I was like "... really?" 
He laughed and said, "No, I'm kidding! Are you here by yourself?"
I replied, "Um, no - my husband is one of the groomsmen."
And he goes, "Aw maaan!" 
At which blessed, blessed point, Doug walked into the room and quickly came over.
The food - awesome.
Good news! You get to see some of our dance moves that occurred in the photo booth.
We tore it up on the dance floor, I got serenaded by one of the singers, 
and Doug got to sing "Forget you!" into the mic amidst our crazy dance moves.

All in all, such an awesome evening!

 And of course, Zooey wanted to partake in the Kiddush.