a few of my favorite things

A common question I hear these days is, "What's your favorite part about being a mom?"
People. I love you all, but that's like asking me my favorite type of chocolate. 
Only, even HARDER.

So instead, here are several little things I'm loving about being a mom.

::cuddles during morning bottles. mid-day cuddles. anytime cuddles::
::how he holds his bottle at the end::
::when he reaches his little pointer finger to touch my finger::
::the coos i hear over the monitor when he wakes up::
::how he rests his head on my shoulder and pats my back when i pick him up::
::the way he watches the world::
::the sound of his laugh. the way he flutters his eyes when he laughs::
::his increasingly toothy, cheesy grin::
::when he looks up and yells at light fixtures::
::the way he sucks his bottom lip in when he says, "bo, bo, bo, bo!"::
::his tiny feet when he's jumping in his bouncy seat::
::his cheeks::
::when he shakes his head no at me::
::how excited he gets when doug gets home from work::
::just watching doug and bo together::
::his perfect, round tummy::
::when he waves at himself in the mirror::
::watching him interact with family and friends::
::the way his little bum wiggles when he's trying to crawl::
::when he sticks out his little tongue::
::his dark eyes and incredible lashes that absolutely melt me::
::the way he rubs his eyes when he's tired::
::the way he sits and makes fishy lips when i'm making his bottle::
::his teeny toes that i could just gobble up::
::his amused yet wary laugh when he sees zooey::
::when he sneezes and then laughs::
::peeking at him before bed and just listening to him breath::
::laughing with doug after bo's in bed about all the little things bo does::
::the little gasp he does when we go outside and it's windy::
::the new little shrug he's started to do when he's being silly::
::listening to him babble in his highchair when i'm getting food for him::
::when he leans forward, hands on my face and puts his forehead on my chin::
::how cute he is when he cries. i know - so mean, but SO CUTE::
::learning better what he needs and how to care for him::
::the way he smells::
::when he just looks at me we're cuddling and he's drinking a bottle::
::when he does his quiet roar at the hippo on his bouncy seat::
::how he tosses his empty bottle aside. then reaches for it a few minutes later, hoping he missed some::
::hearing him say, "mamamama" (even if it's not entirely associated with me yet...)::
::have i mentioned the cuddling?::
::just watching him grow & experience new things::

... Just to name a few. 


  1. Ohhhhh.... All of those things are the most wonderful gift. He is beyond precious! So happy for y'all!

  2. this is a post that is very special and will be amazing for him to read one day :)

  3. love this. he is just the sweetest ever. i love that he lays his head on your shoulder and pats your back - can't even handle that! and the little gasp when he goes outside and it's windy - i loved when my boys did that!!

  4. the patting is.the.best!

  5. sweet little bo! so good to write all this down. crazy how quickly you can forget the little things...