gender game, round 2.

As with the last pregnancy, we are not going to find out the gender until baby makes his/her arrival!

Here are the stats of the old wives' tales this time around!

Baby's heartbeat: above or below 140?
12 weeks = 150
16 weeks = 150
20 weeks = 140

Mom's cravings: sweet or salty?

Morning sickness: yes or no?
Yes, from weeks 6-8.
No from that point forward!

Mom's skin: soft or dry?

Mom sleeps on: right or left side?
Back & forth & back & forth.

Chinese Calendar: 

Mom's emotions: moody or happy?
Eh... pretty moody.

Mom's headaches: more or less?

Girl tally: 4
Boy tally: 3

I think it's a boy.
Bo thinks it's a boy.
Doug thinks it's a girl.

What about you guys?? What do you think?


oh & another thing

As long as I'm updating the blog, might as well include our now public announcement:
 Adding to our patch in March 2016!

ADK 2015

Well, self. You are doing a bang up job* with this blogging thing. *sarcasm
Here's to another effort to photographically chronicle life in general.

SO. Over Labor Day weekend, we went to the Adirondacks!
With two kids in tow, we decided to stop at the Wild Center.
Naturally, we had to take pictures in the moose antlers:
 My little wilderness babes:
And another family photo in front up the uprooted tree...
(Warning: I don't think you're ready for these white legs.)
 Adventures in the new eagle's nest!
Ever adventurous: 
 Later that day, we arrived at Dartbrook Lodge, where we stayed for the weekend.
 It was a gloriously warm weekend, so we headed to the Ausable to cool off.
 One of my favorite views, across from the Ausable at Marcy Field:
 Cute sunflowers in the community garden:
 And snuggles to end the day at the lodge:
The next morning/night, Doug woke up at 3 to go hike Upper Wolf Jaw (# 35/46!)
When kids & I woke up at a normal human time, we walked down the path to the ADK Cafe for breakfast.
Worth mentioning that Doug was back from his hike before our breakfast was even served!
 Then we ventured out for a family hike of Owl's Head!
About to get started:
 And we're off!
Annoyed that this is blurry, but here's our tiniest "hiker" loving the mountain air!
 I adore this picture of Bo. It captures him so well & his love for all things that his daddy loves.
Also, please note that since Doug was carrying Willa, Bo had to carry Buddy.
 My bubs.
 My family.
A wonderful weekend in a place I love with the people I love best.