valentine's day

1 :: "Special jeans from Grandma!"
My mom got these amazing overalls for Bo, and he's been asking to wear them almost every day. 
I told him they were "special for Valentine's Day" - and he was SO excited to finally wear them.

2 :: "Special Mommy-Bo Date!"
Yes, we really abuse the word "special" around here. 

3 :: A little Valentine hiding in the pillow fort.

4 :: After nap, we attempted to play outside.
However, someone refused to wear a hat OR mittens. So our outdoor time was short-lived.

5:: We had a "special treat" (told you!) when we came inside.

6:: Milk & cookies

7 :: Sweet little straw sipper

8 :: Chocolate-dipped rim with sprinkles

9 :: Seeing "m's" in the cookie was a big highlight.

10 :: And THEN he discovered he could chew on the top of his cup!

11 :: And things got progressively messy from there.

12 :: For dinner, we ventured downtown to Dogtown!

13 :: YUM.

12 :: As we were leaving, Bo cried, "Bo stay at Dogtown!"
... I completely understand. I told Doug I want to go back tonight.

13 :: We got home and Doug had gotten us MINI CONES for ice cream!

14 :: All in all, a wonderful day filled with a lot of love...
and a lot of junk food.

Happy Valentine's Day.