Life List

My Lofty Life List
... a work in progress

(click on strike-throughs to view accomplished goals!)

1. Get married.
2. Ride an elephant in Africa.
3. Visit Ethiopia again as a family.
4. Confidently drive stick. (Stolen from Jenna!)
5. Road trip across the USA. (NY to FL here; MI to SD here)
6. Go on a safari in Africa.
7. Go to Australia.
8. Become conversational in another language.
9. Can homemade salsa.
10. Go parasailing.
11. Watch the sunrise in Maine.
12. Watch the sunset in California.
13. Drive up Highway 101 with Doug. (San Diego to Santa Barbara here)
14. Go to Jerusalem.
15. Write a collection of poems/essays.
16. Make sushi. (We did this at our Grace Group Jan 2014; I need to do it again and document!)
17. Go to Egypt. I'm revising this in number 31...
18. Learn to quilt.
19. And make a quilt.
20. Be a stay-at-home mom.
21. Have afternoon tea in England.
22. Go to Brazil.
23. Get over my hatred of raw tomatoes.
24. Make injera.
25. Go swimming in the pond again.
26. Learn to make an Ethiopian macchiato.
27. Be a part of someone coming to Christ.
28. Go to India.
29. Send family Christmas cards.
30. Enjoy running.
31. See the pyramids.
32. Climb the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks. Or at least one.
33. Move back to the country.


  1. Write a book? Remember the plan?

    1. Ah, yes!! I sort of alluded to that in #15... kind of.

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  3. I would like to help you with some of these now that you'll be back in the state :)

  4. Oh you really did steal the driving stick! Ps. I can salsa every year - we'll have to make a date of it next year!

  5. Great Idea! I'll make one for my blog. Thanks! God bless you and your family, big time.