christmas 2012

I think that being in school for the first 18-22 years of life really ingrains in us 
that "Christmas"lasts from a few days before Christmas until a couple days after New Years. 
Especially with my big ole family, who loves to have parties for any and every occasion.

So, I kicked off Christmas with dear friend Patti on the evening of Dec. 21st. 

Fri. Dec. 21st
It was Patti's last day of school before break, and I too had worked that day, 
so we were celebrating being done with work for a couple weeks.
So, naturally, we got holiday manicures... and cupcakes.
Mine were forest green with sparkles.

Sat. Dec 22nd
Doug's brother Zach, our sister-in-law Michele and her sister Sam arrived.
We always have so much fun with these guys - and always neglect to take pictures! WHY.

Sun. Dec. 23rd
Our little family of three was asked to light the Advent candle at church!
As I was onstage, holding my son who was just downing his bottle like no one's business,
I thought to myself, "Hm. Should have asked someone to take a picture."
Oh well!

Mon. Dec 24th
Here's me & Bo in our Christmas Eve finery.
A delightful picture that was only possible... 
because my son screamed in the middle of our pastor's Christmas Eve sermon. 
Yes, friends. I was that mom, rushing her child out of the sanctuary in embarrassment. 
It has happened. So here we are, in the women's bathroom, all smiles and giggles.

What's that? You'd like to see another shot of his outfit and the cheesiest grin known to mankind?
Yes. A bow-tie. A "Bo"-tie, if you prefer. 
There is a chance his whole outfit was planned around that piece.

Growing up, my dad always read The Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas Eve.
I wanted Doug to do that for our family. Here's a sweet picture of my boys.
And here's what really happened.
First, Zooey jumped over our ottoman to get on the couch next to Doug.
Once Zooey settled, for a brief moment, not a creature WAS stirring.
Which means mom can capture some pictures.
When on the couch, there arose such a clatter... we all knew what was the matter.
Bonsa was bored with this beautiful family tradition. 
(Excuse the blurry picture and just focus on the hilarious expression on my son's face.)
When what to our wondering eyes should appear?
Why, of course,  a tantrum and a crocodile tear.
We were able, through some cajoling and several changes of position,
to eventually finish The Night Before Christmas.
Then I nestled our babe snug in his bed while visions of creme brulee danced in my head.
It's become one of our little traditions to have creme brulee on Christmas Eve. Yum.
Tues. Dec. 25th - Merry Christmas!
We opened stockings and gifts from Santa in the morning.
We thought it would be so cute to put Bo on the couch and have him open his stocking...
He did not share our vision. 
So we switched things up a little, sat him on mom's lap and finally got him interested in the stocking.
Or rather, the buttons on the stocking.

In hindsight, the buttons were far more interesting than the contents of the stocking.
I mean, socks, a book and slippers? Come on, Santa.
We were entertained by Bonsa's habit of removing something from his stocking - 
and promptly putting it back in. Probably hoping that those socks would come back out as candy. 
After traditional French toast breakfast, we worked on Christmas dinner - 
Michele, Sam & I threw together a last minute centerpiece that I ended up adoring.
Doug's whole family and our friends Patrick & Kennerly came over for dinner,  
so we had a big, fun, lively crew!
After dinner, we exchanged gifts & took pictures in front of the tree.

This is super long. To be continued.


  1. OMG, when I saw the super cute picture on Instagram of Bo all snuggled up reading a book with Doug I did a double take because there is no way Aubrey would have sat through the night before christmas until just the last couple months (she had the attention span to make it through this year!) Glad I'm not the only parent with a child who's attention span is super short!

    1. ha! definitely getting some practice being quick with the camera! :)

  2. Love this! Carter was more interested in the boxes when he was this age, so we got him a box for Christmas. For real.

    1. bo loves boxes too :)
      thankfully all his gifts came in nice ones to entertain him haha

  3. So cute! I had beautiful pictures in my head of our first daughter listening to The Night Before Christmas too. She acted in the exact same fashion as Bo! :) She is 7 now and loves to listen, so stick with it! Looks like a beautiful Christmas.

    1. yes, lots of squirming over the years that my dad read to us! :)

  4. I really liked knowing it was Bo who was fussing during the service because it's just amazing that he's part of your family and our church family. That was really special to have him there!

    1. Haha - as my mom says, babies crying in a church service is a good thing to hear because it means the church is healthy and growing! ... Still not much comfort when it's your child screaming, haha! ;)