working moms

I don't know if I've ever publicly declared my admiration for working moms.
There should be a holiday JUST for working moms. 
I mean in addition to Mothers' Day. 
Working moms - you are awesome and I admire you greatly.
I think I appreciated working moms before I had a son, but now that I'm a mom... wow.

So I started a part-time job in the beginning of October. 
I'm working for a company that helps schools and libraries receive discounts on telephones&internet.
It's the most ideal situation I can imagine.
I work one day a week from my friend Katy's home office, I take Bonsa with me, 
and one of my former students watches our babies.
I eat lunch with Bo and give him his bottle. 
I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity! 

This past Friday, Katy and I had to drive to Indiana to go on client visits. 
It was the first time I've left Bonsa for the whole day.
My friend Patti watched him, and sent me several pictures throughout the day.
So grateful for amazing friends!!

Me & Katy rocking it out as business women.
Did we wear sweats and then change into business suits in a gas station? Yep. 
First pic of the day from Doug:
Pic #1 from Patti, playtime for baby boys!
Pic #2, enjoying lunch:
Pic #3, just silliness.
Pic #4 - check out those teeth!!
Pic #5 so busy right now
Pic #6: TEETH.

I'm hardly a "working mom", but all these pics made my first day away from Bo much easier!
Thanks again, Patti!

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  1. You changed in a gas station rest room? Brave.