bo's room

Welcome to Bo's nursery!
This is, by far, my favorite room in the house. Every time I walk in, I feel so happy.
We didn't originally plan on having an elephant theme - we sort of fell into it.
I knew that I wanted gray walls and then decided on accent colors of blue and orange.
I wanted something that was boy-ish, but still fun and childish.
(What you don't see: the ghetto Scotch tape holding up the paper fluff balls.)
And Doug agreed readily, because blue & orange are Detroit Tigers colors. 
I've always adored baby elephants, and slowly we started accumulating more & more elephant items.
As Doug said after I came home with an elephant shower curtain, "I hope Bo likes elephants."
Look at all these sweet little elephant details:

This one's not elephant themed, but it sure is adorable.
There are still a few things I'd like to do 
(add a shelf above the changing table, do a photo collage of Ethiopia pics)
but we are completely functional!
Thanks to all our family & friends for all the delightful homemade touches to our sweet boy's room!

All the nursery really needs now is BO!

crib: target
glider: borrowed from family friend
changing table: ikea
toy chest: my mother-in-law found it on the side of the road. i re-covered the cushion.
ottoman: meijer clearance
bookshelf: target
curtains: homemade
pillow cushion cover: homemade - thanks, katy!
africa/michigan prints: adapted from pinterest printable
elephant mobile: the red bird shop
bonsa pennant: homemade - thanks, ellie!


  1. Rachel, this room is fantastic! I love gray, I'm about to paint my art room in it! I love how simple and fun it is, especially with the elephants. :) Btw, what paint brand/color/finish did you use?

    1. thanks, rachel. :)
      the paint is Olympic/Silver Spoon/flat enamel

  2. Rachel, Bo's room is so absolutely delightful! Calm, fun, personal, and everything else a children's room should be. Great job!

    1. thanks, erica! that means a lot coming from your artistic eye! :)

  3. This was totally worth my wait. Love it so much, especially the Tigers stuff & the fact that Meijer is in your source list! :)

    1. haha! it took awhile to get to this point!
      oh meijer - a one stop shop, really.

  4. LOVE it!! such a great room. and even with all the elephants it doesn't scream elephant-theme - so nicely done! and i just love those little felt elephants on the closet doors - did you make those?

    1. thanks, mand! the mobile from mike is seriously perfect.
      i did make the felt elephants. :)

  5. Karen Davis8/27/12, 7:55 PM


  6. So adorable! Can't wait for him to be in it! :)
    Also...that video of the elephant made me die laughing!

    1. can't wait for you to come visit! :)
      & yes - i'm obsessed with that video, obviously.

  7. i know i commented on instagram but wanted to comment again on here. the nursery looks fabulous. all so exciting that he'll be in it soooo soon. love you tons. you did a great job in the room. can't wait to see it in person :o)

    1. thank you!! i can't wait for you to see it in person either!

  8. I found your blog by way of AT. Great job! Do you mind sharing where you found the blue chevron fabric for the curtains?

    1. hi & thank you!!
      absolutely - it's from fabric.com and it's called premier prints zigzag twill blue.
      hope that helps!

  9. Wow this nursery is FANTASTIC!!!! I, too, am collecting elephant items for my nursery and this post and your colors have really inspired me!

    So I have two questions for you: 1) I love the orange fabric on the changing pad - did you buy it separately or did the changing pad come like that? I'd love to get one like it. 2) Do you find that the curtains sufficiently darken the room for Bo to sleep? Our nursery is basically a converted sunroom and I want to make sure whatever curtains I pick make it dark enough for le bebe to sleep. I have no idea how babies react to light. What have you found?