refinished roadside find

We've been working on the guest room. And when I say "we"... well, I pretty much mean "I". 
(In Doug's defense - he did help me move the furniture.)

Here's what we have so far:
Embarrassing confessions about some of the ghetto things happening in the above photo...
1. That's not a bedskirt, if you couldn't tell. That's a sheet. Yep.
2. I had to crop out the top of the curtains because they are clothespinned to the window. 
CLOTHESPINNED. Whatever - it's a work in progress.
While we're at it, I'm also not thrilled with that comforter, but it was cheap.
And the colors somewhat coordinate, so it'll do for now.

The purpose of this post is to highlight our new little dresser!
(And if you're a detail person, you'll also notice I had a change of heart with my decor...)
I found this little guy on the side of the road!
And, because I'm completely forgetful, true to form - I forgot to take before pictures.
So imagine, if you will, a jenky little brown dresser, with no knobs. 
First, I found 6 knobs that we, for some reason, had in the garage.
And of course I got a before pic of those. Wouldn't want to forget what these beauts looked like... 
I didn't love the weird textured bronze, so I painted them yellow.
With that cheap-o craft paint. It ended up having no luster whatsoever, so...
I slathered on a layer of clear nail polish! Because I'm classy like that.
Then I primed & painted with leftovers in the basement.
Finally, I cut out some cardboard & covered it with cute fabric to line the drawers.
(How did people craft before the glue gun was invented?!)
It's not the most solid piece of furniture, but at least it's cute!
All in all, this project cost me $4 and one burned index finger.

What do you think?!


  1. It looks super cute! Way to go. I can't wait to stay in my newly decorated room - oh i mean in your guest room :) Now I want to see Bo's room!

    1. thanks, sar! there are a few more things we want to do to the nursery before sharing pics... we'll see what happens, haha! you know me when it comes to putting things on the walls... (window is still in the basement, fyi).

    2. oh my... that poor window - so much potential and so little love :) j/k Can't wait to meet Bo! Love you.

  2. Kiss to your finger.

    1. thanks, dad!

      . . . i hope that's my dad. otherwise, that's just weird.