mastheads: may 08-july 08

Laugh all you want, I decided to do posts to remember the different mastheads that I come up with. Plus, who knows? I might even tell the story behind it.

April 2008: "Despite rampant illegal immigration and brown air, it's alright." 
This line was from an email that my dear friend Megan sent me, trying to persuade me to move to California.

May 2008: "More mundane drivel"
I read a criticism of Dooce, saying it was just mundane drivel, and I thought, considering how well she writes and how funny she is, I can't imagine what this person would think of my blog.

June 2008: "Changing jobs like underwear"
*Thanks to Alison for remembering!
Someone told me that I change jobs like they change underwear. I was offended when that person first said it, but then shrugged it off. Hey, if they want to change their underwear every 4 months or so, that's their choice.

July 2008: "Curiouser & curiouser..."
From Alice in Wonderland, which I find to be pretty much the scariest movie EVER. I'm trying to own my fears and overcome them. Not really - I just remembered that line and decided to use it.

August 2008: "Fitter, happier, more productive"
Radiohead. Enough said.

gnome gname

After much deliberation between the judges (i.e. I read the names to Doug without telling him who had submitted which name and he picked the one that I was favoring), we have come to a conclusion.

And the winner is... 

Mibbiwinkle the Mill Street Gnome! 

Congrats to Marla for coming up with the winner!

Runners Up:
Emily/Mom with "Johnnybell Tubbywunkle"
Manda with "Finwinkle" 

Obviously, the "winkle/wunkle" part was a hot seller.

Hooray for my first blog contest. The next one will be way more exciting.

In other news, I have to share a hilarious story about my pious husband.

Last night, well, probably between 2 and 4 this morning, I was awoken by some major jostling in the bed. I realized that Doug was sitting straight up, and before I could ask him what he was doing, I heard the following: "Dear Lord, please help us to show your love to others and live for you. And please give us a safe trip home." Then Doug plopped back down. I mumbled, "Did you just pray?" to which he replied, "Huh?" He had been fast asleep!! That's right - my husband even prays in his sleep! My only question is where he was coming home from... 


ultimate betrayal

Dear Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez,

How could you? How could you? 

I thought we had a deal. You play for the Tigers, and I tout you as "My Tiger" and my favorite baseball player. But today, Pudge? Today that trust was shattered. You broke your end of the bargain.

And you didn't just drop the ball. You couldn't leave the Tigers for a respectable team - someone like Boston or even the White Sox. No, you committed the ultimate betrayal. The Benedict Arnold of baseball. A slap in the face. A knife to the back.

Today, Pudge, today you signed with the Great Satan of baseball. That's right - I refuse to even say their official name on my blog. You've gone from being my favorite baseball player to being a member of that team of which we do not speak. And after all we've been through!

Pudge, you were instrumental in the beginning stages of my relationship with Doug. You were there when I memorized the line up to impress him. You were there, catching at our first date. You were my first favorite baseball player. How could I resist your cute little cricket-like face? Not to mention your stats as a 14-time All Star catcher. Pudge, I even named a teddy bear after you! My first gift from Doug. 

Now all that's been thrown away. Did 4 1/2 years mean nothing to you? I defended you, Pudge, whenever your name came up during the great Jose Canseco scandal as a potential abuser. I turned the other cheek when people told me they heard you were actually a jerk in person. And what do I get in return? Abandonment. 

I know we'll both learn a lot from this. I know it's probably for the best. Hey, maybe I was beginning to get a little too dependent. Down the road I'll meet other baseball players that I grow to love, but you'll always have a special place in my heart.

I know I'll forgive you someday, Pudge, and I'll learn to love again, but right now... 

Right now all I feel is hurt.


RIP Pudge's Tiger Career 2004 - 2008



I've come to grips with the fact that I have an addictive personality. Before anyone thinks I'm being completely self-absorbed, let me clarify. I have a tendency to become easily addicted to things. Not so much cigarettes or alcohol (much to the government's dismay), but more like foods, music, certain clothes, etc.

Some recent obsessions:
-new Coldplay cd "Viva La Vida" - I usually listen to this in its entirety at least once during the workday, especially the title track and the song "Strawberry Swing." SO GOOD.
-Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch - YUM.
-Making earrings
-the color turquoise/aqua
-berry salads (not fruit salad, but leafy green salads with berries)
-"A Bird's Song" by Ingrid Michaelson
-daily crosswords in the newspaper
-Pickin' On Series - Pickin' on Jack Johnson. So mellow & sweet.
-fruity salsa. Right now we're enjoying peach mango. Delicious!

Yesterday morning Doug & I went to downtown Detroit to work on drywall for Peaches & Greens. There were only 4 people there, but we only had the bathroom area to finish, so it only took about an hour. I was the only girl, so there was lots of laughing about "Rachel the Riveter" and me being a farm girl. It just feels so good to be a part of something so much bigger than myself and contribute to meeting such a huge need in Detroit. Especially when I get to work with Doug. We both have a heart for Detroit - it'll be interesting to see how God uses us there.

And something kind of funny and cool at the same time - this morning I noticed the blister I got yesterday from the drill is in the shape of a heart.

I'd like to think that's at least slightly profound...


random things and CONTEST!

I got tagged by C.J. to do a post about 7 random things in my house. While I don't usually do the whole "tagging", I thought it would be a good way to give a little glimpse into our new place, since I haven't posted any pictures of it yet. So without further ado, 9 random things in our house/yard. 

Not very random, but this is our mailbox.

The room that we have made our office was supposed to be the master bedroom, so there is a funny little sink in the hallway.

In our bathroom, there is a laundry chute that goes into the hamper which is in the laundry room right next door.

The last people to live here left this cute little key holder. I'm actually in the process of painting this tonight. Maybe I'll post a picture of the finished product later...

My favorite part about our living room - the built in book shelf.

Birdhouse that I don't think has any birds living in it.

This might just look like a random patch in our yard, but this spot actually had strawberries while they were in season! I'm excited to expand upon that little garden next spring.

I LOVE Johnny Jump-Ups and was SO pleased to stumble across these.

This freaky little guy was also left as a little surprise for us! This was the very first thing I thought of when I saw the "random things around the house." 

Which gives me a good idea! 

What should we name this frightening little gnome? Winner gets... um... a free Good Apple ornament! Post a comment with your idea. Judging will be completely subjective, probably biased and whimsical. What else do people do when they have blog contests? Oh, voting closes... I guess when people stop commenting. I'll say voting closes Wednesday at midnight. So let's hear those names! :)


further evidence...

... that I am completely spoiled.

Pictured here are 3 of the 6 anniversary gifts that Doug tucked into the watering can. Doug's generosity is always above & beyond, rendering me quite the pampered & coddled wife. 


that place with the fudge...

Doug & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a trip to Mackinac Island. If you're not familiar with Mackinac, there are a few key things you should know.
1. It's pronounced "Mackinaw".
2. It's famous for it's fudge. Oh, sweet confectionary bliss.
3. There are no cars on the island - everyone walks, bikes, or takes horse drawn carriages to their destination.
4. It's about 8 miles in circumference.
5. It's delightfully quaint and beautiful.

Getting ready to embark!

We're almost there! We parked in Mackinac City and took a ferry to the island.


Main Street.


Modes of transportation.

Fort Mackinac.

Showing off for my husband.

Mission Point Resort - where we stayed.

Look at all that fudge. And look at the intensity all that fudge requires!

Round Island Lighthouse.

On a walk - Doug & Mackinac Bridge

Out for a drive.

Doug & I rented 1-speed bikes and rode around the island. We took turns trying to take pictures while we were riding...

North side of the island.


Arch Rock.

Saturday morning mini golf. Doug clearly takes all golf very seriously. I think my picture shows how seriously I take it.

Saturday afternoon hike. This was almost a cute picture, but then I remembered that if I'm in a picture without sunglasses, I need to be squinting or blinking. I think I got a little of both in this shot.

Path through the woods.

Naturally we had a photo shoot.

"Pretend you don't see me."

Arch Rock from the top.

What you see in this picture is Doug standing very close to the edge, looking at the awesome scenery. What you don't see in this picture is me whimpering, hanging onto a tree, begging him not to get so close to the edge.

In this picture, I am assessing my odds of tumbling over the precipice, crashing through trees and dying. I also distinctly remember thinking, "At least I'll die in a cute outfit."

I overcame my fear and got some awesome pics of the amazing view. 

Love you, babe. Thanks for the awesome trip & all the fun memories. Happy 1 year. 


4th Photos...

Finally! Updating with some photos amidst the craziness that has become my life. 
For those of you not related or not in attendance, the Bannister family donned matching shirts this year in honor of Gram's 90th birthday. Cousin Justin designed them - the front said "I got my _____ from my Mom/Grandma/Great Grandma," and each wearer filled in what he/she got from the inimitable Doris. It was rather humorous to see what each relative had written!

It was awesome to see all the youngsters in attendance - the baby boom has hit our family full force!

Little Amelia sports an adorable outfit made by her grandma.

Mike & Lincoln have some father-son time...

But then it's back to business for Lincoln.

Apparently Aaron doesn't like to be interrupted while eating ice cream. That's the Bannister in him...

Charlie's not sure whether he wants to put that Spiderman vest to work in the water or with that dump truck that cousin Lincoln has...

Even while napping, Malacai likes to keep a few beverages nearby. Not sure whether this was before or after Lyndsay offered to change Cai's diaper, took one look and exclaimed, "MANDA! I can't do this."

That's what dads are for. 

Mia & Aaron look pretty warm in Jen's cuddle. 

Cherishing his numbered days as an only child...

Charlie & Aaron loved their bucket baths.

All in all, an awesome time of family & fun at the 4th!