NY shower

I have the most creative & talented friends and family in the world, I'm pretty positive.
The decor was all vintage books/world themed... super cute.
A HUGE thank you to Victoria, Manda, KatieCaitlin for all their hard work!

1:: mini blocks spelling bonsa! amazing pinwheels made by cait. amazing cupcakes made by manda.
2:: another shot of the cool pinwheels.
3&4:: adorable beverage signs made by katie.
5:: scrumptious cake with adorable mini book banner by manda.
6:: favor table. mini pies. cute bookmarks that say:
"children are made readers in the laps of their parents." - emilie buchwald
7:: gorgeous, GORGEOUS bouquets, courtesy of flower fields forever.
8:: and what are those bouquets in? why, cute book vases, of course.
9:: elephant mobile made from book pages.
10:: yummy cucumber sammies made by victoria.
11:: a game where victoria made me close my eyes and see if i could guess the baby food...
by eating and smelling.
12, 13 & 14:: opening gifts... and apparently something was really tickling my funny bone. 
15:: mom's gift bag. this verse was written on the wall of the orphanage where bonsa lived.

All photos by Lydia Erakare.

For more pics, check out Cait's blog!

Thank you so much to my sweet family & friends for celebrating Bo in such a special way!!


  1. These pictures are fantastic! What a beautiful and creative baby shower. I do know that laugh of yours...must have been something pretty silly. :) --DT

    1. girl, i was probably telling her about our upcoming trip to super world.

    2. Oh, yeah...DUH! Our tickets are at "Will Call".

  2. so glad to be a part of it!
    and i wish i could say i made the adorable mini book banner on the cake. but manda made that too!
    i made the bigger [not as adorable] book banner.

    1. eek! thanks for correcting me! i fixed it. :)
      i can not thank you enough for helping create such an amazing party!

  3. Replies
    1. DANA! i'm so excited that you can comment on my blog now! :)
      & thanks! it was such a fun day!

  4. 11...your eyes are definitely open!! cheater! :) can't wait for bo to get here :)

    1. i knew someone was going to say something about that!
      actually, those were the bananas that i didn't have to taste because i guessed ahead of time.
      i was just smelling them, per victoria's suggestion. :)