After 5 years of trying to make it happen, Doug & I were FINALLY able to do an Adirondack trip with Jeremy & Victoria! Before this trip, I hadn't been to the Daks since I visited Kathleen there... which I want to say was when I was in like, 6th grade?? Shameful.

Back seat buddies:
Um, I'm obsessed with the following video. Would you look at this little musical prodigy?!
And then when he says "Adirondacks!" - AMAZING.
Beautiful scenery...
A little mama&son smooch.
The boys grilling up a delicious meal of Excelsior steak...
Post dinner walk down to Heart Lake.
Still can't believe this girl camps at 6 months pregnant...
Dad snapping pics of his little show off :)
The boys.
So, Colden is quite the little swimmer. And he also loves watching other children swim.
These next pictures he was just quietly watching in awe as a boy splashed around in the lake.
The next day, Doug & Jer woke up at 4AM to go climb 2 high peaks (Nye&Street). Crazies.
Then later that day, I made Doug climb Mt. Joe with me.
I haven't done a high peak yet, but this climb gave me a little flavor, and I'm pumped to do my first!
Handsome hiker.
That afternoon, we went to Lake Placid, where we went to a bunch of fun shops 
& had delicious dinner. After dinner, we drove around Mirror Lake & took in the gorgeous sunset. 
Such a perfect weekend... 
(Um, minus the last 20 miles. Another story for another time.)
VJ&C - Can't wait to start planning the next trip with you guys!


  1. so fun :) love your pics.
    i wanna go back.

    1. i want to go back too. now.

    2. "let's quit our jobs." - jer
      "done." - me :)

  2. wow - cannot believe it was so long between your trips to the ADKS - for shame! oh goodness - little colden is just too cute! looks like a fun trip!

    1. I knoooow. I'm hanging my head in embarrassment! It's hard when you're about 13 hours away from them...