Well, it's happened. I got an iPhone, and now I only take pictures with that. In my defense, instagram is just too fun and easy. And my camera is too obnoxious to lug around everywhere.
I had such a fun birthday!
My friend Patti brought in pie for her 6th hour class, which meets in my room, and had them all sing to me. Then after school, we went to Zin, in downtown Plymouth.
The waiter described this dessert as "fudgy lollipops"... aka, cake pops? 
Actually, they were more like brownie pops, with pistachios and a whipped espresso cream.

On my birthday, Doug made me breakfast in bed! And it snowed!

We had a leisurely day... or rather, I did, because Doug spent the day making THESE! 
1. NOT instagram! 
2. CHUBBY HUBBY cupcakes! (minus the peanut butter)
3. Zooey may have gotten up on the counter & eaten about 4 of these.

For dinner, Doug & I got dressed up & enjoyed a quiet, delectable meal at Ocean Prime.
(not instagram!)

The most incredible calamari I've ever had...

The hottest husband ever.

The awkward birthday girl.

crab crusted blue tilapia. oh the gluttony.

complimentary birthday creme brulee! 

After dinner, we went to the Homecoming Social at PCA, because ain't no birthday party like a high-schooler infested birthday party! It was actually a really fun time celebrating my seniors' last homecoming (and high five for coming in 1st place!). 
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes & for making my day special!


  1. Happy Birthday Rach!!!!!!!

  2. happy happy birthday!! looks like a fun day. so impressed with doug for making those cupcakes!! and you look mega hot in your going on a date picture!!
    {and why do i not know your instagram name so i can stalk you on that too...}

    1. thanks, mand!
      i think my instagram is rachelcparton ...
      don't really know fully how to use all the features yet, ha!

    2. oh, and i was cracking up because doug called me the day before my birthday and was like, "hey, do you have any experience using malted milk powder?" i just kept thinking, "oh boy..."

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like a fun way to celebrate =) Intagram is so cool!

  4. My thoughts as I read through your post:

    "Zin looks good, we should go there... Hey, there's my car...*drool*... Va-va-voom!... Doug is so suave... Happy Birthday!"

    That is all.

    1. Oh, and also? That s**t cray.

    2. ain't it, jay?? ;)