recently i'm... [23]

Excited about: our CHV Community Group! Tonight we had the inaugural potluck dinner at our house. We're getting together every other week with friends from our neighborhood (6 couples total!) for the "4 F's", as Doug said: friends, food, fellowship & faith. We had such an awesome time tonight with everyone, and we're so excited for the next CG.
Looking forward to: winter break = WNY :)

Not looking forward to: dentist on Wednesday :(

Listening to: Beirut. Click here for the weirdest music video I've seen in awhile.

Swamped with: just school in general. Musical practice, preparing for the senior trip, getting ready for junior research papers to be turned in... argh

Watching: Downton Abbey. My mom mentioned this last time we were home, and I'm officially hooked.

Obsessed with: Annie's Eats chocolate chip cookies with mini M&M's... so delectable.

Baking: Um, see above. Also, we made V-day Pancakes on Sunday morning.

Working on & enjoying: grading freshman poetry. I might have to share some. I just made up an assignment last week based on an ee cummings poem, and they turned out so much better than I even hoped for!

Reading: There Is No Me Without You

Loving: snow on the ground!

Needing: to go to bed. Now.


  1. I'm so glad your CG went well. Sounds fun!