10 on 10 :: may

(Thanks, Kristen, for posting about this or I would have forgotten!)

"9" am :: breakfast o'champs
10am :: reading one of my favorite plays with 3rd hour - a raisin in the sun.
11am :: the view from my classroom. stop fencing me in, school.
12pm :: chinese for lunch!
a thank you from the chinese learning center that uses our classrooms in the evening.
no, thank you!!
5pm :: hi honey!
7pm :: dinner at the local Ethiopian restaurant, Addis Ababa!
Okay, this one is also 7/7:30pm :: Ethiopian tea. AMAZING.

And that's it! 7 on 10!
Join in on the fun here!


  1. love your breakfast :)
    andy and i need to go out for ethiopian food soon! what do you guys get when you go?

    1. we just got the "Ethiopian Feast" - injera topped with a TON of goodness. here's their menu (i love all of it): http://addisababaplymouth.com/home/dinner-menu/

  2. Your day looks yummy! Nice set!