i will give thanks to the lord



[1] So thankful for this man. Love seeing him as a grandpa.
[2] Thankful for my mom and the way she loves Bonsa. (& for the amazing meal she made)
[3] Mom's antique high chair. Being put to good use...
[4] for this buddy boy.
[5] I love my family. Thanks to Jayne for taking this picture!
[6] Photoshoot with Aunt Marcia before dinner. Dad & his boy... and mom in the mirror, being crazy trying to get Bo's attention.
[7] Snuggling my boy... while he lets out a big ole' yawn.
[8] Bo's first Thanksgiving.
[9] Final preparations for Thanksgiving meal - getting Bo buckled into his seat, using a pillow & belt! Delicious food, delightful people. God is good.
[10] A more true-to-form picture of the Parton family. I love this so much, despite my awkward foot all up in Doug's armpit. Ah, marriage.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; 
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
-I Thessalonians 5:16-18


  1. you are beautiful. i love the pic of you and bo on the couch…you kissing his head. i also love the last pic too - foot in the armpit and all. xoxo

    1. aw, shucks. thank you. :)
      gotta love husbands who put up with limbs strewn all over them.

  2. love the high chair with bo's feather place card. love the couch & your family photos. love your family.

    1. thanks, mand :)
      [impressed you could tell it was a feather!]

  3. i love how God has grafted Bo into your family tree. i love how it's forever. and how he now has an ancestory on two different continents. God is amazing!!!

    1. Aw, Sybillle - I love that. Thank you.

  4. I hope people read the captions and realize #2 is Grandma playing piano with Bo. Otherwise, if you just follow the photos, you might think your dad has really little hands.