post 700, featuring a new obsession.

Happy 700th blog post!

Soooo.... instagram.
It's official - I'm hooked.
 Ann Arbor with Doug, Robert & Bailey, and Katie

Pics from today:

[Christmas gift from Grandma Lynk]

[thanks, Barnes & Noble]


[God bless Christmas break.]

[Repeat: God bless Christmas break!]


  1. I love the Ann Arbor pictures! Are you still on Christmas break this week? We had to go back Tuesday. I miss it already!

  2. nice present from G'ma... 2 extra fruit cross-stitched pix and now this.

  3. katie - yes, we are still on break! teachers go back monday, and kids come back tuesday! feeling really spoiled this year!
    mom - as soon as i opened it, i was like, "mom is going to be so jealous." hahahaha!