merry christmas

(thanks to my friend ellie for showing me this!)

And a huge thanks to our friend Sara of Less Ordinary Designs for saving our Christmas card.
(I made a card but accidentally took a PDF to the printer. Oops.)

Merry Christmas!


who's 31 today?

Love you, Doug. Happy birthday! 


2013 mastheads

January 2013

February 2013
sugary sweet.

March 2013
JT does it again.

April 2013
a tribute to our eastward move

May 2013
probably one of my favorites.

Summer 2013
apparently I got a little lazy and started making seasonal mastheads
Fall 2013
October 2013
trying to get back on the monthly masthead train
November 2013
i remembered about halfway through the month that i hadn't changed from october.
i had this font and figured i probably won't use it for anything else.
December 2013
just some holiday plagiarism.


Bann Clan in Cali: Day 5

Day 5: November 26 - our last day in Cali

Sadly, Robert & Bailey had to fly home this morning, but we remembered to get a group shot.
I love how my dad is like The Godfather here...
On the drive to San Diego, we saw a sundog! 
I used to think my dad made up that term, but it's a real thing. 
You can kind of see it in the upper right corner...
The drive to Point Loma.
Exploring at Point Loma
Yet another gorgeous day.
Just sitting and looking at the Pacific.
Boys looking over the edge.
You guessed it: throwing rocks.
The view in the other direction.
Seeing what we can see.
Fam. [Our family photos all by Jayne!]
What I Wore. aka I will never be a fashion blogger.
Oh, what up, Jay?
31 years & going strong.
Trying desperately to get in the water.
Around the tide pools. So, so cool.
The Family Squinty.
Checking out various sea creatures adhered to the rocks.
Again, would really just love for Dad to let go & let him do his thing.
Amazed I could take this picture, my palms were so sweaty.
I feel compelled to mention that Doug is standing super close to Bo (cropped out of pic, actually) - 
we're not trying to be reckless with our son's well being.
Felt he could point more effectively if he stood up.
Did I say "gorgeous" yet? GORGEOUS.
Views along our hike.
The tiny figures on the rock in the lower left-hand corner are Ethan, Emily & Jayne.
I spy my boys.
Tide pool.
Sweet rocks. Sweet boys.
Jayne getting drenched.
Jayne getting drenched and Emily trying to get away...
TOO SLOW. Gotcha!
There are about 100 more pictures like this on my computer.
Lone Ranger.
Last shot of San Diego.

Thanks again to Mom & Dad for an incredible vacation.
Such a special time to spend with our family.
Can't wait for our next family trip!