dear zooey: month... whatever.

Dear Zooey,
Some of my readers have complained about the absence of pictures
featuring your remarkable balancing acts. 
(Ahem. MOM.)

Since we brought Bo home, you've taken to acting like we don't love you anymore - 
especially when anyone is over and pays any attention to you.
You immediately shove your nose inappropriately where it doesn't belong
and stare at people with this pathetic, longing look in your eyes.
Like, "My owners don't love me anymore - thank you for petting my head."


Just because I threaten to send you "up north" or to "the farm",
and, okay, just because one time I told you I was "going to murder you",
(in my defense - can you stop barking when I'm trying to put the baby to sleep?!) 
doesn't mean I don't love you anymore.

So, Zooey, I will try to resume torturing you via placing [mostly] inanimate objects on your skull.
Please take this as a token of my sometimes-tested-but-permanent love for you.
And I'm sorry that I exhibited such disappointment when you failed to balance Mr. Potato Head.



bonz & the fraz

This past weekend we drove to Chicago and
finally, FINALLY, Bonsa met his buddy, Mayes Fraol

When we first got to the Van Winkles', Fraz was so excited that he started doing laps -
crawling back and forth - probably the fastest little crawl I've ever seen.
As you can see from the picture above, Sara & I wasted no time 
getting the boys down to diapers. 
We had so much fun watching the boys interact. They really seemed to like one another!
And of course there was bath time.
It was a weekend full of laughter and joy.
It's amazing to see you both as parents and to spend time with your beautiful family.
We love you, Van Winks! 


if we had coffee

A couple blogs that I read have a series they call "If We Had Coffee"
in which they just "chat" on their blog. 
I love the idea & so I'm stealing it for this post.

If we had coffee...
... I'd have hot chocolate. Because I don't really like coffee.
Unless we're meeting at Starbucks. There's lots of sugary drinks I like there.

... I'd have to get up from our chat often to intervene in my son's adventures.
Like trying to tip over one of our lamps, which seems to be his most recent fascination.

... I'd tell you a lot of annoying mom stories about Bo.
How he's accomplishing new things almost daily. And learning so much.

... I'd tell you that I'm also learning so much in this season of life.
The heartache of seeing my father in pain and the overwhelming joy of seeing my boy grow.
It's a strange place to be in.

... I'd tell you that I'm kind of struggling right now.
I'm holding onto a lot of anger. 
At people who deserve it and people who don't.
People who make assumptions about me when they hardly know me.
People who haven't reached out to offer support when I thought they would.
People that I'm wrongly making assumptions about.

... I'd have to yell at my dog a couple times.
Because she feels the need to bark at ev.er.y.thing.

... I'd try to make sure we had cookies to eat with coffee/hot cocoa.
Because I have an unabashed sweet tooth. 
And I believe in sharing tasty treats with people you love.

... I hope you'd feel comfortable enough to share your triumphs and tears.
Because I love to listen to the stories of others.

... I'd probably make a joke about something and later overanalyze its reception.
And worry that I should have said something differently.

... And when our coffee date was over, I'd try to get you to take some cookies with you.
Because I've already eaten too many, in all honesty.


little moments

A couple weeks ago Doug went out to shovel the sidewalk and porch.
These two goofballs thought it would be fun to watch him.
Yep, my front door is filthy.
But you know who doesn't care? 
These two buddies who just want to watch their favorite person take care of his family.
I am unbelievably blessed.


fast & easy dessert croissant

You guys.
I know I probably didn't invent this, but let's pretend I did.
Because I just whipped this up in the kitchen.
Easiest dessert ever.
Fast & East Dessert Croissant
Approximate Ingredients:
2 T cream cheese
1-2 T confectioners sugar
small handful of frozen berries of your choice (I used blueberries & raspberries)
1 pkg crescent rolls
few drops of water
1. Mix room temp cream cheese with about a tbsp of sugar,
depending on how sweet you like your desserts.
2. Unroll crescent rolls, separate and place on baking sheet.
3. Put a dollop of cream cheese on each crescent roll.
4. Sprinkle a few berries on each.
5. Wrap crescent rolls around cream cheese & berries.
Try to make yours cuter than my sloppy ones below.
6. Bake according to package directions - mine was 375 for 11-13 mins.
7. While baking, make a thin frosting by mixing confectioners sugar with a little water.
This is really approximate - just dribble a little water into some conf sugar
until it reaches a consistency you're okay with.
Yep, high quality culinary instructions here.
8. When crescent rolls are done, remove and brush some of water/sugar mixture over them.
These would be great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.


the transfusion

anticipating the morning light
i awoke to find a world of white
all the trees draped and dusted
useless limbs i once trusted
buried deep beneath the snow
signs of life i used to know
tired, trudging through the deep
worrying sorrow is all i'll reap
when my lash a lone flake caught
i pondered what winter wrought
for brown unfurls a banner of bold
and gray skies give way to gold
even amidst the blustery swirls
sparkles dance in loops and curls
though the winter may tarry long
spring will arrive; i'll finish strong
encouraged, emboldened, strong, warm
for there is beauty in the storm

-rcp 2.12.13


his laugh!!

I can't get enough of this video & this sweet boy.


ten on ten :: feb 2013... & infectious laughter

[this 10-on-10 theme brought to you by my snapseed app]

10am :: en route to church
12pm :: en route home after church
1pm :: sleepy babe
2pm :: walking.

3pm :: hello? [why does he know this already.]
4pm :: love this guy.
5pm :: dinner prep
6[30]pm :: bath time = happy time!
7pm :: just me and a little elephant

and now.
for the most amazing thing ever.

i was clipping bonsa's toenails after his bath.
and for some reason, he decided tonight
that this was the funniest thing in.the.world.

which resulted in the best thing in.the.world.

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recently we're

Bingeing on Watching: 
Parenthood! All the seasons are on Netflix and we just finished Season 1. 
This show has awesome character development and - for the most part - 
deals with realistic family issues. Pretty great.

Listening to
Bowerbirds, specifically "In the Yard" and "Stitch the Hem". 
Also playing "Cornerstone" by Hillsong on repeat these days.

Entertained by: 
Bo's latest "game" = letting go of the wall and flopping into -hopefully- waiting arms... 
Here's us playing this morning...
[Please excuse my weird mommy voice...]

Excited about
Our upcoming trip to Chicago to see these cool kids.

Less pumped and a little embarrassed about:
We've also been doing ... Insanity.
And I hate every second of it. 
But I guess with all the ice cream I eat, I'd better not complain.

The snow.
Now that my parents aren't driving back & forth to Roswell every day
I feel like it's okay to appreciate the snow.

Slacking on:
Cleaning. Baking. Eh.

Doug & I decided to try to memorize some of the Westminster Catechism...
(Woo hoo - busting out my inner Presbyterian nerd!)
Tim Keller (& the Gospel Coalition) have developed the New City Catechism
which kind of condenses the Westminster & Heidelberg Catechisms.
We just started going through this last night, so we're pretty pumped.