5 years

(This post is overdue. Sorry, babe.)

Sometimes I like to think about the little moments in my life.
It's easy to focus on the big moments - the wedding day, buying a house, births, deaths...
But sometimes it's interesting to think about the decisions and actions that seem trivial. 
You know, things that lead up to something much bigger, but you don't realize it at the moment.

For example, deciding to visit a new friend during "open hours" at college.
It's a decision that didn't require much thought, but it led to a friendship that led to a relationship...
that led to marriage.

07.07.07 (Tom Rivers Photography)

And think about all the little moments that lead up to anniversaries.
Small decisions, like what to have for dinner. Who should do dishes.
Split-second decisions for fun weekends.
Slow nights at home just watching tv and folding laundry.
Little fights. Big fights.
Decisions to forgive and the work of moving forward.
All the mini phone calls with various requests.
"Can you grab dog food on the way home?" 
"I forgot my sweater/sneakers/camera/essays - can you drop them off on your way to work?"
The sighs we issue picking up after one another.
The smiles we exchange laughing at one another.
The car rides that are filled with stony silence.
The car rides that are filled with ceaseless chit chat.
The pet peeves.
The inside jokes.
The reminiscing & the dreaming together for the future.

I am so grateful that you are the one I get to share all these moments with.
And I'm so excited about all the new moments we'll be experiencing this next year!
I love you so much. 
Happy 5 years.

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