three is a magic number

Fact: I have actually been composing and editing this entry since the end of June. Every post in the meantime has been a struggle not to explode with this news - not to just throw out a random P.S. WE'RE ADOPTING!

We were on a waiting list to even apply to our program (for 2 months and 20 days - not that I was  counting... or checking my email obsessively multiple times a day...), and we were just given the OKAY to APPLY yesterday!

We want to enlist your prayer support now. Pray that we would seek God's direction in every decision. Pray that God prepares our hearts for parenthood. Pray that God is even now comforting our future child and his/her birth parents.

Um, additionally, the cost of international adoption is pretty overwhelming, so we are going to start fundraising soon. So, you could maybe prayerfully consider a donation, too.

With every inch forward, my heart just feels like bursting!

You can visit our adoption blog here for more stories about how God led us to this decision.

If you have any questions at all - please feel free to ask. Just know that once I start talking about adoption, I might not shut up.



skyping with gram

I skyped with my dad and Gram the other afternoon, and Dad decided to have some fun with Gram's accessories...

"Get that thing off of me!"

Also, Doug & I took Zooey for a walk and did a photo shoot - here's a sneak preview!



why did it take me this long to hear this hymn?

Let your heart be broken for a world in need -
Feed the mouths that hunger, soothe the wounds that bleed.
Give the cup of water and the loaf of bread -
Be the hands of Jesus, serving in His stead.
Here on earth applying principles of love -
Visible expression God still rules above,
Living illustration of the Living Word
To the minds of all who've never seen and heard.
Blest to be a blessing, privileged to care,
Challenged by the need apparent everywhere,
Where mankind is wanting, fill the vacant place,
Be the means through which the Lord reveals His grace.
Add to your believing deeds that prove it true -
Knowing Christ as Savior, make Him Master too:
Follow in His footsteps, go where He has trod,
In the world's great trouble risk yourself for God.
Let your heart be tender and your vision clear -
See mankind as God sees, serve Him far and near;
Let your heart be broken by a brother's pain,
Share your rich resources - give and give again.

"Let Your Heart Be Broken"
Bryan Jeffery Leech, 1976

When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them. - Matthew 9:36


recently i'm... (18)

Taking pictures... while driving. I know. It's dangerous. I'm sorry. But it's so pretty out I can't help it.

Listening to: Mumford & Son's "Sigh No More"

Reading: I went into Borders the other day and it was one of the most depressing sights ever. However, I did manage to get three books for $7, so I suppose that's one good thing. I got Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, which I read in high school. The other two I've never read (always a gamble for me when I'm purchasing a book...), but they came highly reviewed. Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn and The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer. Hasanyone read either of those?

Enjoying: Being a senior sponsor. Especially on days like Murray's Lake. When we win almost everything (including volleyball, for the first time!). Dominating in tug of war, during the cold rain.

Looking forward to: Spiritual Life Retreat with my seniors this Wednesday. Don't look now, but I might get a little teary when I think about how everything with them is the last time...

Cooking: Will anyone judge me if I confess that I've had hotdogs for dinner 3 nights in a row?

Loving: My new handsoap - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin by Bath & Body Works!

Really excited about: (Am I even allowed to do this category if I already have a "looking forward to"??) Our church's walkathon!! Look for a post coming soon about how you can support me and Doug in this, if you're interested!

Too obsessed with: Pinterest. Yikes. I need a support group.

Annoyed with: I asked this journal question today: "If you had $500 to donate to any charity or organization, which would you choose and why?" One student responded, "Honestly, if I had $500 I wouldn't donate it." Stop it immediately, you punk.

Enjoying: Sunshine today! I graded some papers outside during my prep hour!

Also loving: that my dad called Doug to ask how he could watch the Monday night game online. Those cuters.

Headed out: to babysit!


you, me, sushi?

Friday night we decided to do a night of Team Snarton Sushi. Diversion: I developed the name "Team Snarton" a couple years ago when Patti and I were partnered while working at CDC's Restoration Warehouse. This was back in the day when I was still nervous about being funny enough or clever enough because I wanted Patti to like me! (Hello, awkward junior high self - nice to see you poke your awkward head in my life still...)

Anyway! Friday night we headed over to Umi Sushi in Ann Arbor.

[7] [8]

[1] Fun restaurant decor!
[2] anything?
[4] Hm, I can't pick up my water...
[5] But I can "pick up" Doug! (Hey baby. You, me, sushi?)
[6] Mmm. My favorite is still California rolls...
[7] The Snyders of Team Snarton!
[8] The Partons of Team Snarton!


6 on 10?

I've been wanting to do the 10-on-10 photo thingy for months. MONTHS. And every time I forget! So I just saw Manda's post and realized, yet again, I'd forgotten to take a picture each hour! Thankfully, I took a few pictures throughout the day anyway, though! Even though 3 of these are technically the same thing... I present you with my 6-on-10. Dang it.

[1] [2]
[3] [4]
[5] [6]

[1] Newborn onesie for Jeanette's shower today.
[2] Ruffle butt of the same onesie.
[3] All wrapped up & ready to go.
[4] On the way home from the shower - gorgeous drive!
[5] Stopped by the side of the road to pick a little bouquet.
[6] Dinner time.

Maybe I'll remember on October 10th... someone should probably remind me.

p.s. check out my most recent senior session here.


food for football

My friend Patti's husband, Zac, writes a blog for the Detroit Lions called the Side Lion Report. He has graciously asked us women to partake in a weekly feature called Tailgate Thursday - we provide fun recipes themed by the team the Lions are opposing that week! This Sunday, the Lions are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so we went into pirate mode!

We made "Peg Legs" - aka, Oven-baked Mozzarella Sticks (original recipe here)

and "Treasure Chest Cupcakes"...
... or, if we're being really immature (and we are) - "Booty Cakes". Haha. Booty.

Check out our Tailgate Treats here!


it's my kind of town

Playing catch up! Pics from our trip to Chicago to see Dave & Sara.


[1] partners in crime on the way to chicago
[2] night in the city sure looks pretty to me
[3] potato boats for breakfast. we unintentionally had a "boat" themed weekend.
[4] sara's cute decor on the balcony.
[5] hanging out* after an afternoon of window shopping & thrifting.
*didn't get a great shot of them, but we're sitting on benches sara made from old pallets!
[6] down to the boardwalk for dinner!
[7] boat out on lake michigan
[8] cute picnic & game bags. we brought a little grill & made kebabs.
[9] sun setting. watching navy pier to see if they'd do fireworks...
[10] the sky gets darker & the city lights get brighter
[11] just hanging out & talking
[12] sara & doug are disappearing!
[13] the 4 of us.
[14] me & sar
[15] started to rain, so we* went back to the house to grill banana boats!
*an incredibly alarming picture. we are extremely excited about this endeavor.
[16] grilled banana boats: cut open your banana, add various things that make said banana unhealthy, wrap in foil & grill for about 10 minutes.
[17] zucchini boats & homemade mac. incredibly sunday lunch.
[18] afternoon snack of frozen grapes, our* new fav!
*possibly the only picture in existence in which sara is in a dress and i'm in shorts.

A wonderful weekend with people we love!
Thanks, Winks!