An update on the lives of Douglas & Rachel Parton.

Our apartment is slowly but surely coming together! Every day we make a little more progress.

We've had some unruly visitors...

But thankfully, this tough guy scared them away:

I'd be lost without him. :)

Last night I made Caesar Salmon Pizza - quite delicious, if I may say so myself! I also made strawberry/raspberry cobbler for dessert. Doug pronounced it his favorite meal that I've made so far!

The job search is going rather slowly at this point. I've sent my resume to a number of places, mostly for administrative assistant positions. There just aren't any teaching jobs in Michigan right now, which is frustrating. But, it's in God's hands, so we'll just see what happens...

Alright, time to straighten up a few more things before turning in for the evening!



We spent this past weekend at home, visiting my family & enjoying the high-class entertainment known as the Orleans County Fair. We unfortunately weren't able to see my siblings show - they took pigs, beef & dairy cows, but had shown earlier in the week. We still had a great time watching the master showmanship competition and spending time with the Gerhardts & Grimms!

Jayne, washing a spot of manure off one of the heifers

Here's looking at you!

Jayne getting her heifer ready for the master showmanship class

And here's looking at YOU!

No smoking... just smokin' hot! :)

Good ole Dad.

A Gerhardt, a Grimm & a Parton!
Our lovely little cripple (center, in the wheelchair that you can't really see) braved the fair scene just 3 short days after she had surgery on her foot!

All in all, the weekend was a lot of fun and we were so glad to see our family again so soon!



We have officially been in the apartment for a day!

This sums up our life right now:

boxes & bags everywhere.


crafty husband putting things together

we're making progress.
& making a home.

i love each day as it unfolds!



We did it!! Doug & I tied the knot!
Our honeymoon to Bucerias, Mexico was fantastic!
Now we're back at the Bannister homestead, just relaxing & spending time with family before heading back to ole Michigan.
More later!