bo goes to the farm!

We spent this past weekend in western NY, 
where Bo met Grandpa Bannister and Aunt Emily and Aunt Jayne!
I never take as many pictures as I want to - I don't have any pictures of Bo with Em or Jay! So sad.

While the drive to and from NY weren't my favorite of times,
(downpour, traffic jams, screaming baby, stupid border patrol people, blah blah)
we had an amazing weekend with my family.

Bo went for his first truck ride and his first tractor ride. He got to see cows and horses 
(we didn't introduce him to the goat because, well, I hate goats).

We went to Jayne's homecoming soccer game, where she scored an INCREDIBLE goal...
that they didn't count because they said it was after the final whistle. Boo. (They still won, 6-2!)

Bo had his first experience of Paneks' Pickin' Patch! 

AND he got to meet a lot of the Bannister family at his Great-Grandma's Cider n' Donut party!
Again, why don't I have any pictures from that?! Argh.

(I can not stop laughing at Colden's expression in this picture! Love it!)

We also did family photos with Justin Michau Photography - and I cannot WAIT to see them! 

My favorite part of the weekend was just seeing people interact with my sweet son.
I love having a family that looks for excuses to get together and spend time together.
So blessed to have such wonderful cousins and aunts and uncles - 
and I'm so excited that Bo will have so many fun cousins to play with as he grows up!


  1. I can't get over how different Bo looks since you got him home! I feel like he is growing up so quickly. It looks like you had a very sweet time with your family. I do wish you had more pictures too and a little surprised you didn't take more - what is going on with you?! 5 more days til I get to see you.

    1. I know - he looks older to me too! But he wasn't even on "the charts" for his age/weight, so we're thankful that he's putting on weight!
      As far as pictures... I just don't even know. I have no excuses...

  2. love the pic of the four of us *happy heart*!!!!!
    it was a JOY meeting Bo for the first time…the first of many, many visits and hang outs with our boys. Already looking forward to seeing you all again around the holidays.

    1. i agree - there couldn't be enough play dates in the world to meet my needs. :)