a milk n' cookies shower

This past weekend, my friend Ellie and I threw a shower for Patti and her sweet son Caleb!
We did a milk n' cookies theme, with some help from good ole Pinterest.

We figured that the "milk" part might be a little juvenile for grown-ups, 
so we did a coffee, tea and hot chocolate bar as well.
Got the idea for chocolate-dipped mallows here and adapted it a bit for the party.
They were super easy & cute - I definitely want to make the peppermint ones later this winter!
We had some delectable cookies - chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle, chocolate mint,
English matrimonials, lemon shortbread and peanut butter blossoms.
I, of course, sampled all of them.
In light of the holiday season, rather than play a shower game,
we decided to decorate cookies!
And our favors were sprinkles in cute little jars.
Overall, I was so happy with how everything turned out
and we had such a fun afternoon!

Congrats, Patti! We sure love your family!!


  1. Cute! You guys did a great job. Congrats to Patti, Caleb and Zack!

    1. thanks, sar! wish you could have been there! :)

  2. Loved every detail! :) Thanks again, dear friend!

  3. you are so welcome!
    we loved putting it all together to celebrate your little man! :)