I Want...

... to stop wasting my life on trivial pursuits. 

... Christ to be beautifully evident in my life. 

... to reflect the Holy Spirit dwelling in me. 

... my son to desire God with his whole being. 

... my husband to be all that God has intended for him. 

... to passionately long for others to hear the Gospel.

... to help transform lives. 

... my life to count for something more than me.


parton peaks

This past weekend we took a family trip to the Adirondacks.
We had absolutely perfect weather and enjoyed some good family time.

[1] Hm. I think this is Cranberry Lake.
[2] Cranberry Lake? Someone confirm or deny.
[3] And again.
[4] Here we come!!!
[5] Cute purple flowers/weeds ... and bee ... in Tupper Lake.
(Sidenote: these are one of my favorite parts about fall. I love how they're all over the sides of roads!)
[6] We stopped at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Probably has a more official name than that.
 [7] We had a blast exploring & watching Bo explore.
[8] The facility was beautiful, and it was a gorgeous afternoon to walk their trails.
 [9] Awesome walkways over the pond.
 [10] I can never get enough pictures of my boys having fun together.
[11] Always looking to steal a quick smooch. 
 [12] "A-Bo" - what he says when he sees his shadow.
 [13] "Fro" - what he says as he winds up to inevitably throw an object.
 [14] Laughing after pushing over a log with daddy.
 [15] Peek!
[16] Amazing underside of an upturned tree.
 [17] Favorite picture of the moment.
 [18] Driving from Tupper Lake to Keene Valley.
 [19] Early morning outside South Meadow Farm Lodge. We loved staying at this place!
The peak to the right is Cascade, which we climbed.
[20] Ready to go!
[21] Beginning of the trail.
[22] About 10 minutes in. At which point I was already wondering what I'd gotten myself into.
And realizing how sadly out of shape I am.
[23] Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to hike!
[24] A little break prompted by Bo's favorite phrase: "I pooped."
Most of the time it's a false alarm, but we're not taking any chances.
[25] Loading back up.
[26] "Close" to the summit.  
[27] Yeah, Doug really carried Bo up and down a mountain.
Sidenote: Doug goes back next weekend for "Man Trip" - they'll hike at least 3 high peaks, 
which makes my legs cramp up just thinking about it.
[28] Aaaaalmost there.
[29] This picture looks like Doug is standing on the very edge of the mountain.
But we all know if that were true, I would be passed out on the ground instead of taking a picture.
[30] We did it! Our first family high peak!
[31] "1" - first high peak.
[32] "11" - Doug's eleventh high peak.
[33] Meet "Cassie" the otter (named after the mountain, Cascade).
Bo got her as a little treat at the Wild Center, and she was a trooper on our hike...
despite being thrown to the ground during a few tantrums, she made it to the top.
[34] Mountain top Bo.
[35] Checking out the landscape.
[36] Speaking of which...
[37] Gorgeous view from Cascade. I believe that's Mirror Lake in Lake Placid.
EDIT: Not Mirror Lake. Round Lake.
[38] Beautiful. (Lots of hikers while we were there!)
[39] Oh, just a little mountaintop rock jumping.
[40] Aaand, approximately 5 minutes into our descent:
[41] Driving along 73 on our way home.
[42] Little peak in the middle is Owl's Head, which we climbed this past summer (not a high peak).
Doug: "I'm so proud that you can identify Owl's Head." 
[43] Cute old barn in Marcy Field (?)
EDIT: NOT Marcy Field. NEAR Marcy Field.
[44] I'd say we missed peak fall colors by maybe a couple weeks,
but it was still breathtakingly beautiful.
 [45] Another shot of Cascade from our lodge.

A wonderful weekend with my favorite boys!
Looking forward to our next trip already.