Bo has a little elephant bank, and whenever I find spare change around the house,
I help him put it in his bank, and often tell him it'll help "save for college".
This morning, I had a few coins, so we got his bank, and while he was dropping the coins in,
he commented, "This is savin' for college."
The little village near us is called "Brockport". 
Whenever Bo is with me and we drive downtown, he always announces:
"This is Bockpork!"
At some point, when we started seeing motorcycles on the road this spring,
I must have commented about a speedy cyclist who needed to slow down.
Now, whenever Bo sees motorcycles, he says, "Motorcycle makin' baaad choices!"
When I need to tell Bo not to scream, he often replies,
"Or there be consa-kences."
When Bo asks for something and we don't immediately acquiesce,
he'll often say, "Oh be patient! Ask nicely!"
Emily was over recently, helping us move around some furniture in preparation for painting.
We were trying to get a rug out of a room, and she lifted one end of our extremely heavy elliptical. 
I exclaimed, "Wow, Em! You're such a beast!" - and Bo immediately piped up, "You're such a beast!"
Now, he uses it as his own compliment. 
The other day I was weeding and struggled with a tough one, finally yanking it with an "umph!"
Bo looked at me and said, "Good helpin', Mommy. You such a beast!"


a floral baby shower

My sweet sister-in-law, Bailey, is expecting a little girl in just about a month.
We wanted the shower to be really girly, so we went with a floral theme.
This spring wasn't really cooperating with our plans, 
but thankfully my aunt has a remarkable green thumb 
(we joked that her house is essentially a greenhouse), 
so flowers were not in short supply! 

Thank you so much to Manda, Caitlin & Victoria with your planning help,
Aunt Lynnie for hosting, and all the family members who contributed delicious treats.

I feel so blessed to be part of a family who loves celebrating life together -
we are so happy to call Bailey family now as well,
and we're overjoyed to welcome another little family member in June!!

All pictures property of The Merrythought.
More pictures & details on their site!


sunday funday

My favorite part of Mother's Day was a pajama'd Bo, running into my room with a giant heart,
jumping into my arms and yelling, "Happy Mother's Day!"
Doug & Bo got me beautiful hanging flowers, a peony plant & a pregnancy pillow!
Which I have already tested and found AMAZING.
After church, we went over to my parents' and soaked up the beautiful sunshine.
In addition to Mother's Day, it was also Emily's birthday, so there was much celebrating.
There was also some dogsitting while wearing Uncle Rob's vest.
 Plus, blossoms are out. BLOSSOMS, PEOPLE.
There was a time or fifty this winter that I thought this day might never come.
 And finally, a baby bump. 
Or maybe it's mostly cheesecake. Whatever.


mother's day, pt. 2

Dear Bo,
You are a joy and a delight, and I love you so much.
I like to say that to you a lot, because I feel like many times, my actions don't communicate that to you.
This past year, you've taught me a lot about patience.
And I didn't want to learn the way you forced me to.
In other words, I never really wanted to practice being patient.
I like the idea and image of it in my mind, but the day-to-day living it out...
That's another story.
You are a strong-willed, opinionated little man.
I hope these traits transform over the years to create a young man with strong convictions
and determination to achieve great things.
You've made me see myself the way God must see me -
with a lot of frustration sometimes, but with far more love.
You've made me realize that I am completely inadequate.
That no one can parent simply by their own resolve and effort.
You've sent me deeper into the arms of Christ.
You've taught me about forgiveness.
How often you've said sorry to me, and I begrudgingly hug you while still angry...
But then, how many times have I apologized for yelling at you,
and you just smile at me and give me a kiss - all my mistakes washed away?
Lest you get the wrong idea, it's not all hard work and heartache.
Being your mom is the best thing I can imagine.
You are hilarious - and you know it! You love making your parents laugh.
I could just watch you and be entertained for hours.
Your smile and laugh bring such light to my days.
I am so grateful for you, sweet Bo.
Thank you for loving me, and thank you for making me a mom.
Love always,