Hi! I'm Rachel.
I love Jesus
I'm happily married to the coolest guy in the world, Doug,
we have the most amazing son, Bonsa,
and the sweetest little daughter, Willa
and are expecting another babe in March 2016!
We live in New York with our crazy dog, Zooey.
We are the Partons.
I was an English teacher for 5 years, but now I'm a stay-at-home mom...
well, at least a work-from-home mom. 
In my spare time, I enjoy smooching my children's cheeks, crafting, writing, baking, playing piano, 
taking pictures, reading, perusing blogs and spending time with people I love.
I like driving with the windows down, runners' legs, music that makes me feel like I'm in a movie, 
exuberant laughter, corny pop culture references and a good pun. 
I dislike tomatoes, mushrooms, rude people, slurping, 
and when people neglect to dim their brights or use their blinkers.
This blog is just a fun place to write about life in the Parton household.
Thanks for stopping by!