Pura Vida: Day 5

Day 5: Tuesday ::
We took a 3-hour bus ride (yet again, gorgeous scenery along the way) to La Fortuna. On the way, we stopped in a little town whose name escapes me, but they had a gorgeous church with the coolest shrubbery ever. When we arrived in La Fortuna, we checked into our hotel, Volcano Lodge, right next to Mt. Arenal, an active volcano. Then went to a local orphanage, where we spent a couple hours playing with the kiddos there. Later that afternoon, we hiked down to a waterfall, swam around in the river and then went out to dinner. That night we did devotions around the pool, while I tried not to freak out as bats were swooping down over the pool, eating bugs above the water, presumably.
view from our bathroom stop along the way
view of the church from the street
view from the church
oh you know, clouds on the horizon.
first views of the volcano
our hotel room, and the volcano. picture me, mouth agape, asking marisa yet again who we are.
first view of the waterfall.
blurry picture, but this gives you a good idea of some of the 500 stairs.
i wish i had taken the time to get some better photos of the stairs, but i was too excited!
more stairs
the waterfall!
me & marisa... a little sweaty at this point in time.
another blurry picture, but look at the color of the water!
farther down the river

Stay tuned for days 6-8!


  1. a. I want to go to there.
    b. You look fabulous as usual!
    What a fun trip!

    1. a. you need to
      b. thanks, ahaha!

  2. incredible!! those arches in front of the church are amazing! and that waterfall!!! it's like a dream-world.

    1. it was a dream world... sigh. :)