insta date night!

UMI Sushi
Shrimp Tempura, Spicy California, Philly, Volcano & Malifornia rolls.
Pocket knife to split the last roll...
Sweetwater Coffee for dessert. 
My Caramel Creme was delicious.
The desserts looked awesome, but... were less than delectable.


We always have so much fun with these guys!

In other news: 
Go buy this & read it immediately.
What Is the What
by Dave Eggers

Based on the real life of Valentino Achak Deng, but termed a novel because of the recreation of several conversations and minor events that Deng couldn't have remembered from such a young age. The novel dramatizes Deng's escape from Sudan, his life in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, and his life as an adult in the United States. Heartbreaking and enlightening. Read it now.


  1. Love spending time with you guys! :)

  2. the guys look much more intimidating in the pictures than you girls do... :)