2011: year in review

January 2011
- Celebrated the new year with my family
- Became obsessed with peanut butter frosting, much to Doug's chagrin
- Enjoyed snow days
- Turned 26 & got my first sewing machine

February 2011
- Became slightly obsessed with sewing baby dresses
- Enjoyed more snow days
- Participated in my 3rd homecoming at PCA with the juniors
- Got my annual winter cold
- Rooted for my little sister in the NYS Dairy Princess competition
- Finally put knobs on our bathroom cupboards

March 2011
- Became mildly obsessed with the first season of Prison Break
- Discovered boy's underwear/compression shorts on my classroom floor one morning
- Got a haircut (this is big news for me, since I only get 1 or 2 a year. oops)
- Went to Washington, D.C. with my juniors

April 2011
- Tried to quit blogging.
- Was reprimanded.
- Returned to blogging.
- Helped direct my first drama production at PCA
- Celebrated Easter with my family.

May 2011
- Became obsessed with baking stuffed chocolate chip cookies.
- Had a little spray-tanning mishap.
- Remodeled my bedside table.
- Went to my second prom.
- Took Zooey to the new dog park several times
- Spent Memorial Day with our friends Maria & Troy at their cottage

June 2011
- Wore shorts for the first time of the year!
- Made strawberry jam
- Became obsessed with frozen blueberries in yogurt.
- My sweet, smart husband finished his Masters!
- My sweet, smart sister graduated salutatorian!
- Got to see David Platt teach for a week in Alabama (and apparently never shared pics on the blog. oops!)
- Decided to pursue Ethiopian adoption

July 2011
- Celebrated 4th of July with Doug's parents in our backyard
- Celebrated 4 years of marriage
- Completed the pre-screening with our adoption agency and were placed on a waitlist
- Went on a mission trip to New Orleans
- Spent a lot of time at the pool in CHV
- Road trip to D.C.! Got to see the newest Bannister boy.

August 2011
- Became slightly obsessed with the pool in CHV.
- Took a trip home to tell my fam we were adopting!
- Enjoyed fun times with my girly cousins.
- "Helped" Dad prep the house for painting.
- Had fun adventures with my small group
- Road trip to Chicago to visit Dave & Sara!
- Got my 2nd haircut of the year.
- Lost my Grandpa.
- Went back for my 4th year at PCA.

September 2011
- Attended Grandpa's funeral.
- Baby shower for Jeanette!
- Sushi date night with Team Snarton
- Enjoyed the delights of fall: apples, crisp weather, donuts, cider...
- Announced our adoption!

October 2011
- Finally remembered to do ten-on-ten!
- Got accepted to our adoption agencies.
- Helped organize & run our 2nd annual walkathon for World Orphans
- (Backed up into a huge rock leaving the walkathon, causing damage to our muffler.)
- Started Sweet Bo Peep to help raise money for our adoption.
- Decorated for fall
- Victoria, Jeremy & Colden came to visit!
- Became slightly obsessed with caramel/cream cheese dip.
- Celebrated our 2nd Halloween in CHV.

November 2011
- Had our home study for the adoption.
- Suffered through had parent-teacher conferences.
- Had a lovely weekend with my mom & Jayne!
- Celebrated a co-worker's pregnancy and gave another co-worker an allergic reaction.
- Celebrated Thanksgiving with the family.

December 2011
- Held our Adoption Auction, which was a huge success!
- Somehow survived the end of the 1st semester.
- Celebrated Doug's 29th birthday!
- Participated in the 4th (?) annual Small Group Cookie Bake!
- Had our annual college Christmas dinner in Spring Arbor
- Celebrated Christmas in WNY.
- Currently hosting my in-laws for Parton Christmas.

Here's looking forward to two thousand twelve!

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