christmas break, pt. 2

12.28 - (Oops -Dad P & Elizabeth left the 27th.) Zach, Michele & Sam left around 6:30am. Doug & I took down the Christmas tree & cleaned the house & did laundry and left for NY around noon. We had a delicious meal with my family and Gram & Gramps. Then we opened gifts together & took turns playing piano.

12.29 - Nesbitt Christmas! Didn't take any pictures there, but got a semi-cute picture of me & Doug afterward... not really sure what's going on with our eyes in this picture...

12.30 - Mom, Doug, Emily, Jayne & I went ice skating in Batavia. Afterward, we went through the Wendy's drive-thru, where the girl working attempted to dump 3 large drinks all over my mom. Later, Mom, Doug & I walked to the pond and D&I went ice skating on the pond.

12.31 - Bannister Christmas! So awesome to see all of my family! So much laughter and fun. I love the Bann Clan. Yep, just made that up.

After everyone left, we stayed up to watch the ball drop & usher in the New Year. While waiting, we finished up the pool tournament, which Emily ended up winning!
Happy New Year!

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