happy 4th

My in-laws are here for the 4th. We had a picnic, and I made "Firework Cake" for dessert (a.k.a. funfetti box mix with buttercream frosting and berries in a "firework" design... sort of...).

I beat Doug in Perfect Pitch! Zooey didn't really want to hold our washers.

Can't celebrate the 4th without sparklers.

Whoops - Doug's sparkler died prematurely. You get the general idea, though, right?

I thank God for the freedom I have living in the United States, but far more importantly,
I thank God for the freedom I have in Christ. Happy Independence Day!


  1. Haa - Zooey!! Such a pretty cake! And I love the sparklers - I so want to do that sometime!

  2. love how you say more importantly your freedom in Christ. i fear that far too often people are more grateful to be american than they are to be christian. Jesus is our true family ties, and Heaven is our true country. Thanks for your perspective :)