it's my kind of town

Playing catch up! Pics from our trip to Chicago to see Dave & Sara.


[1] partners in crime on the way to chicago
[2] night in the city sure looks pretty to me
[3] potato boats for breakfast. we unintentionally had a "boat" themed weekend.
[4] sara's cute decor on the balcony.
[5] hanging out* after an afternoon of window shopping & thrifting.
*didn't get a great shot of them, but we're sitting on benches sara made from old pallets!
[6] down to the boardwalk for dinner!
[7] boat out on lake michigan
[8] cute picnic & game bags. we brought a little grill & made kebabs.
[9] sun setting. watching navy pier to see if they'd do fireworks...
[10] the sky gets darker & the city lights get brighter
[11] just hanging out & talking
[12] sara & doug are disappearing!
[13] the 4 of us.
[14] me & sar
[15] started to rain, so we* went back to the house to grill banana boats!
*an incredibly alarming picture. we are extremely excited about this endeavor.
[16] grilled banana boats: cut open your banana, add various things that make said banana unhealthy, wrap in foil & grill for about 10 minutes.
[17] zucchini boats & homemade mac. incredibly sunday lunch.
[18] afternoon snack of frozen grapes, our* new fav!
*possibly the only picture in existence in which sara is in a dress and i'm in shorts.

A wonderful weekend with people we love!
Thanks, Winks!


  1. how did you make those zucchini boats?!

  2. whoa - those banana boats!! lincoln loves frozen grapes.

  3. i'm with kelly, tell me more about those zucchini boats. i want some of those to "sail" onto my plate...muah ha ha.

  4. girls - fear not! you too can sail this delectable zucchini boat! thanks to captain paula deen! ;)


  5. glad to see you put the picture of me with wings up :) Miss you guys. Thanks for coming to visit!