six pics

1. Understatement: It has been raining a lot recently. Here's a picture of the Virgin Zooey after one particularly soggy playtime.
2. The flowers from Katy are still going strong. Katy, I don't know if you ever read this, but I can't thank you enough! Simply love all this yellow!
3. We had a lovely Easter at home with my family. I ate a lot. Pictured: homemade waffles.
4. I also went horseback riding for the first time in ... years. I was pretty sore afterward. I am never more in awe of the complexities of the human body than after I use muscles that I didn't know existed. Pictured: not the horse I rode.
5. We (girls) decorated Easter eggs. As Mom would say, the brown eggs really intensify the colors.
6. An image of hope. Baby bud, please blossom & bloom!

Now I'm off to take Zooey for a walk while there's a break in the rain and the sun is shining.


  1. the brown eggs really intensify the color!
    glad you came to visit...miss you!

  2. haa...zooey!!

    your eggs look soo good. so the secret is to use brown eggs??

  3. Oh, my, what beautiful, rich, vibrant colors. i'd even say "intense"