catch up: 10-on-10 and conferences

Well, I did remember to do ten six-on-ten, but that was the day we had parent-teacher conferences all day. So, I got 6 pictures. Because I thought it might be awkward to snap a picture of parents.

[1] I could get used to waking up at 7:30 each morning.
[2] Taking pictures at red lights.
[3] Peppermint mochas (one for me, one for Patti - I promise!)
[4] Back early from lunch. (Morning: 9-12pm, afternoon: 1-4pm). More caffeine. Lesson planning.
[5] Hi Patti! We LOVE conferences!
[6] Outside of Office Max on the way home for dinner (yeah, had to go back for more conferences from 6-9pm!). Can you tell it is SNOWING?

More 10-on-10 here!

Some fun tales from parent-teacher conferences:
- I made a mom cry. But it wasn't bad. I told her I was praying for her child who is struggling with something right now... I still felt bad for making her cry in public.
- I found out that a parent has read/maybe still reads my blog on occasion? Hello, parents! I'd like to take this time to reiterate that I love my students and the school where I teach!
- I did not get yelled at by any parents. No matter how many good conferences I have, this is always my fear.
- The best quote of the night that made the whole day worth it? "Thank you for educating my daughter.  Teaching is the most difficult and honorable profession I know." Wow. I can think of some other professions that are more difficult and more honorable, but I surely appreciate the sentiment.

Coming next: adoption auction update and a sneak peek!

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