how to celebrate 4 years

1. Make a last minute version of Annie's Tuxedo Cake.
2. Grill out together.
3. Admire your rings. (Also, get your engagement ring cleaned for the first time in... 2 years?)
4. Seriously, this cake. Also recommended for non-celebratory occasions. Like, you know, July 18th.
5. Take pictures of your ridiculous dog begging. [Every so often, Zooey's upper lip will get caught, giving her an "angry pout" expression, which I find hilarious.]
6. Cave in and give pup some watermelon.
7. Give your husband hugs and kisses for bringing home a rose for each year.
8. Take a picture of your squinty-eyed, no make-upped, trying-to-do-laundry-from-last-trip-while-packing-for-next-trip, but still wildly in love selves.
9. Invite friends from out-of-town who are in-town over to enjoy cake. Even if they protest because it's your anniversary. Remember, an anniversary, like a wedding, is just one day. Every other day is what makes the anniversaries possible.

[Pictures & stories of New Orleans on the way...]


  1. do I spy Oberon?! we brought home a case from our trip to Grand Rapids and last night we shared the last one! YUM

  2. yes! doug loves all bells. i'm not a fan of beer in general, but oberon is one that i can take a few sips of! haha!

  3. happy anniversary!!!
    one rose for each year...so sweet.
    i wanna come over for cake...