memorial day weekend

Our neighbors, Troy & Maria, invited us to spend the weekend at their cottage up North on Lake Walloon. What an amazing time! The weather was fabulous, the lake was beautiful, the town was adorable, the company was awesome, the skin was sun-kissed... perfection.

Straight ballin.
Also ballin. Or Tim-bittin.
View of Walloon Lake from the deck.
Walking down to the dock.
Troy & Maria's dog, Logan, is a master at running and jumping off the dock.
Sadly, I wasn't quick enough with my camera to catch Zooey's first, and subsequently last, time jumping off the dock, but I did catch the pathetic aftermath. Swimming in cold lakes is apparently not Zoo's idea of a good time.
Getting ready for Zooey's first boat ride... she's not sure how she feels...
Turns out boating is totally her thing.
Especially because you can cuddle on the bench seat.
If I had a spare million, this would probably be my future home:
Amazing evening.
Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures on Memorial Day, because we were too busy touring Petoskey, eating amazing deli sandwiches, eating amazing gelato, soaking in the sun and making Zooey swim at a sandbar on the lake. Such a fun weekend!

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  1. ha..i love the zoo hated the cold water!! and i love that first pic of you & doug!