christopher columbus!

Little Women is over! My first experience on the other side of a performance - "the assistant director" - organizing, sewing, coaching, blocking & re-blocking, helping with lines, frantic coffee runs for myself & the director (my dear friend, Patti Snyder)...
This is Patti's first year at PCA, and she really did an incredible job with the cast & crew. I think she completely blew people out of the water and shattered their expectations! We've dubbed ourselves "Team Snarton" - and as our principal said, we "really are a great team."
It was AMAZING. The students were fantastic, the audience loved it, no one missed their cues, there were a couple errors with lines, but the kids recovered wonderfully... it was so much fun!
My friend Katy got me these flowers for opening night of the play, and I can't get enough of them! They are so cheerful and lovely. And since it's freezing outside and there were little snowflakes in the air last night... I'm staring into their bright yellow blooms, just waiting for warm weather!


  1. snow? its april for pete's sake!

  2. your flowers are beautiful...can't wait to see you.