Victoria & Jeremy & Colden visited this weekend!
So blessed to have family members who are such incredible friends.

[1] Zooey's always a little skeptical of tiny visitors, but she warms up quickly.
[2] On a morning walk around Cherry Hill Village. [geez, model much?!]
[3] The boys watched Colden so V & I could run to IKEA for a bit. I bought some new pillow covers, finally. This room has needed some color for quite some time... still in the works, a year later...
[4] While the boys & Zooey hit up some local trails, V, Colden & I enjoyed lunch (Mom's mac n' cheese!). I whipped up some honey mustard dip for pretzels, and Colden tried some... and ended up loving it! We were dying laughing - he was essentially using the pretzels as spoons for the mustard, which he kept calling "soup". 
[5-8] On our way to Three Cedars Farm, Colden fell asleep and we drove by a pretty field... so we did an impromptu photo shoot! Jer was our obliging photographer , while...
[9] Doug stayed in the car with the sleepy babe.
[10] At Three Cedars - Colden modeling a pumpkin.
[11] "Hi, 'carecrow"
[12-13] C enjoying a plain donut; though, not as much as he'd enjoy Mommy or Daddy's sugar donuts...
[14] Family!
[15] The Gerhardt men. 
[16] Mama & her boy.
[17] Priceless expression!!
[18] Uncle Dougie & Colden check out the chickens.
[19] Little boys love their tractors!
[20] Jarritos to go along with our enchiladas - yum.
[21] Cider n' Donut party: Three Cedar cider & donuts, pumpkin spice cheesecake, pigs in blankets, and cream cheese caramel dip with apples. The insane gluttony...

Such a fun weekend with people we love so much! 


  1. eep - the cuteness of colden!! love your little cider n' donut party!

  2. glad you had such fun. love the Gerhardt guys' hats!

  3. i want a cider and donut party... :/

  4. LOVE the post and we love you guys tons. It was so fun. Can't wait to hang out again. Let's start pinning craft ideas for when you're in town...maybe crafting on the friday after turkey day in the afternoon? I may shop a little in the morning...you could join me and then we'll craft?

  5. listen, your food was amazing. i keep laughing about #21. that cheesecake was fabulous. wishing we brought some home...

    i really love your pics.

  6. Glad you guys had such a great weekend together! I'm so jealous of the cider mill dons. My mouth is watering ;)

  7. what enchiladas recipe did you use?!