10 on 10.10

GUYS! I remembered to do 10 on 10. Um, but right now I'm at school and I don't have the cord to my camera, so you're going to have to wait to see all my glorious pictures. Ah, suspense...

**Edit** Okay, the much-anticipated photos. I present you with my fake instagram photos, because I'm not cool enough for an iPhone. Yet.


[1] Unlike the rest of the country, PCA doesn't celebrate the subjugation of entire races of people. In other words, we had school today. I left the house early and got myself a little treat to start my Monday.
[2] Finally finished grading my freshman kiddos' Great Expectations projects.
[3] Whee! A co-worker surprised me with a treat!
[4] My prep hour - browsing through my crockpot cookbook from Aunt Jan, looking for a soup to make for "October birthday treats" luncheon tomorrow...
[5] Sneak preview of our class pumpkin that's due tomorrow! So excited...
[6] Okay, here's a funny story. I'm the worst sister ever, and haven't sent Emily any packages yet (I know - seriously?! What's wrong with me?!) So, last night I made cookies and went to the post office today... and forgot that postal workers are white supremacists (just kidding, anyone who doesn't know my sense of humor...) and therefore lovers of Christopher Columbus and therefore NOT OPEN. So now the cookies will definitely be stale. Sorry, Em.
[7] Convenient roadwork right outside our garage...
[8] Someone was really excited to see me get home.
[9] School clothes. FALL FASHION! Shirt: Calvin Klein, thrifted (and I found out today why - some of the buttons don't like to stay buttoned... yikes. Good thing I had an undershirt on, or class today might have been really interesting.) Pants: Express, like 3 years ago. Shoes: Aeropostale like 4 years ago - for TWO DOLLARS. Boom, baby.
[10] Leaves outside our house. Pretty. I love fall. 

Hooray! My first successful 10-on-10! (Even though I maybe cheated and did 10 pictures in 9 hours. Shh.)

I joined in on the fun here - you should too!
ten on ten button small


  1. we did it!! nice pics! let's be that awesome and do 2 months in a row...

  2. Love the pumpkin photo!!

  3. yay - you remembered!! i cannot believe you had school today. maybe if you performed amy grant's "galelio" they would give you the day off??
    love the photos - and that you got a fall fashion in there too!

  4. woot woot! that pumpkin looks a-mazing!

  5. Your doggy is so sweet! Love that face!

  6. I really love that photo of the leaves! And dont worry, I dont have an Iphone either, does not mean Im not cool!! Actually I like to think Im cool for not having one!!!

  7. You have a beautiful puppy!


  8. i love that cookbook! i just made a chili-cheese dip from it over the weekend! miss you!