Because of the snow day last week, one of our exam days was pushed back to today, which means I had another half day at work, which means I have another half day to play with Zooey! It is freezing outside & quite blustery, but it was so pretty that I bundled up, grabbed my camera & headed out with Zooey for a walk.

This is one of my favorite spots in our neighborhood, right at the end of our driveway. I've affectionately dubbed this little corner "Rainbow Alley", for obvious reasons.
Getting to the pumpkin patch, where we typically let Zoo off her leash to romp around, was looking like a little too much work for my freezing, lazy self...
so I just let her off the leash in the neighborhood. Technically, she was on an invisible leash because she was wearing her shock collar (sorry, PETA). Anyway, we were walking by a line of trees and she saw a plastic bag caught in some undergrowth and decided it was a formidable enemy.
She ran at it with reckless abandon, only to stop short, sniff and saunter back to me. I'm not sure if she figured out that it was an inanimate object or just got too scared.

Anyway, she just jumped up on the couch with one of my slippers and is resting her head on it looking forlorn, so I'm off to join her on the couch for some cozy cuddle time with a mug of hot chocolate. Oh, beloved half-days and snow days...

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  1. love rainbow alley - awesome pic