recently i'm... (20)

Sewing: completed my newest project for SBP - check it out here!

Reading: Orphanology by Rick Merida - so, so good. (Foreword by one of my favorites...)

Laughing at: So, our class pumpkin was Cinderella's carriage -
and we took first place! But then our pumpkin started rotting... so, for some reason, our class had purchased another pumpkin? Just in case they didn't like the first one? So, we replaced the rotting carriage with a regular old orange pumpkin... and a sign that said, "The clock struck midnight!"

Excited about: our walkathon was a huge success! People heard the Gospel, more people are becoming orphan advocates, 210 pairs of shoes were purchased, and we raised over $30,000 to donate to the boys in Kenya & children in Ethiopia! Some pictures from the event...

Listening to: this cover of Adele... I can't watch them sing it because they're so affected, but their voices are lovely.

Overwhelmed by: a former student sent us a check for our adoption - the tithe from her graduation party.

Working on: our application for CHI. Hopefully will be in the mail tomorrow or Thursday!


  1. :) love the walk a thon decor - very nice! sounds like it was a success!! the cinderella pumpkin is so fabulous!

  2. I too am overwhelmed by your former student's generosity. Brought tears to my eyes!

  3. The pumpkin thing is AWESOME!
    And you're right on with the cover singers...the guy especially. :/
    Love and miss you!

  4. Hey,
    Tony Merida is a pastor in Raleigh. He actually was one of the keynote speakers at the adoption conference we went to in August. Here is a link to the audio if you are interested in listening to it. It was titled "The Gospel is Adoption."